Mantras used as Remedies - effects and methods

Started by Virinchi, May 05, 2009, 06:13:27 PM

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In oldendays Gayatri mantra was kept as a secret and only brahmins, kshatryas are allowed to know .But maharshi viswamitra by standing on the top of a hill shouted the mantra for the benefit of all.In the sameway sriramanuja shouted the Narayana mantra by standing on the top of a temple.


interesting reading; I hope to gain some knowledge on spirituality while I am here. thanks & peace to all


How should I chant the mantras and slokas?

If you shout it aloud you will have 25% effect of it. If you chant it in low voice you will have 50% effect of it. If just your lips move you will have 75% effect of it. When you chant it within your heart without even lip movement at home you will have 100% effect of it. If you chant it within your heart without even lip movement in the temple the effect would be manifold!


Mantras can get you through anything from a triathlon to a famiy dinner. You can always just make one up on the fly, but if you tend to find yourself in the same trying situations, it can help to have a phrase on hand. Try these suggestions from Tracy Latz, M.D., an integrative psychiatrist near Charlotte, NC

Scenario: You're easily frustrated by kids/coworkers. Try to take the compassionate approach; remember everybody's doing the best they can.
Mantra: "Cast off judgment."

Scenario: You're insecure about others' feelings for you. First, trust that they love you. Second, you can't control this kind of thing, nor would you really want to if you could.
Mantra: "I'm free to love and be loved."

Scenario: Your temper flies out of control. A tantrum feels good in the moment, worse afterward. Override your raging impulses and make the decision to act like the person yu want to be.
Mantra: "I choose peace."

Scenario: Public speaking turns you into a sweaty wreck. This is one of the most common fears. Remind yourself that you're the expert on your topic, and you alone can share your unique viewpoint.
Mantra: "Calm and confident."

Scenario: You're paralyzed by a deadline or creativity nosedive. Anxiety and exhaustion can create poor concentration and further block creative flow. Take a few moments to breathe and stretch.
Mantra: "No limits."