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if you are around hyderabad, you can contact master Sri Sarvari who is present generation master(3 generations down master CVV).
He lives in tirumalagiri sec\'bad.
He also wrote master CVV\'s lifestory as a book


After reading through the website a question that comes to my mind, where are all the 1st generation and 2nd generation masters?.  After a person has controlled death and disease what will happen to him ?


his soul gains control over body and life cycles.
as long as he is in present body, he lives like bheeshma who can die at his will.
Later he choses whether to take another birth or not depending on requirement of nature but not by his karma
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire


Is it really true, Mr.Seetaram? Because Bhagavad Gita is the one which tells us clearly about Karma. As per Gita, one can\'t decide about his re-birth and mukthi (Salvation). It\'s our Karma that decides. And our Karma is just a registry of what are all we are doing. Karma can be controlled only by the Almighty. And no Guru or Baba can change the Karma. They can only show us the way to reduce the Negative Karma and to increase the Positive Karma. Ultimately it\'s only in our hands, to work on our Karma.
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Whoever you are & whatever you do, if your attitude is not good you are just 'Nothing'.


rules of karma are changing.
Gita told 5000 yrs back may not be applicable 100% in future generations.

there\'s nothing in this method of CVV which breaks rules of karma.
Only difference will be that you will face karma results of entire lifetime in very few years with maximum intensity and then come out of it.
Its like instead of walking for 10 miles, you will run for 3 miles and get exhausted the same but will save time.
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire


Hi All,

I heard about Master CVV method when I was a child, even my father used to parctice it. But I heard that when practicing this, Nature will not let you complete it easily. Nature forces all the wordly problems on you,so that you will get depressed and will stop practicing this. If you  bear all the problems with patiency and continue to regular practice without givingup, then only you can achieve your target.
I would like to know that whether really Nature tests our patiency or the problems comes only for some people but not all? If these problems comes to only few people then why they come only few people, why not for all the people who pracrtices it?

Another question is why the next generations of Masters after CVV master are kept it as secret and why not it became popular, whether they are not intrusted to use this by all the people?

Request you all to knidly anybody make me understand this and answer my questions?

Kumar :)


all gurus including dattatreya said that anything related to philosophy should be kept secret and should be disclosed/forumssed only with people who show keen interest in it and only if they\'re eligible for it.

Master CVV method cannot be followed by everyone and it requires our minds and bodies to be prepared for it.

99% population visit temples or gurus to get blessings related to materialistic needs
the rest 1% will be spotted by gurus and will be shown right path anyway


Dear Varenya Master,

Thanks a lot for your valuable information.
I have so much respect and belief in our masters and yogis and their methods to fullfill spiritual life. But I am not able to consontrate with my full effort and time as I am not much matured to get rid of this materialistic life.
Any way I will keep on trying to get rid of this.
Recently from westren countries there is concept became very popular.
That is, DNA activation. After practicing meditation in properway for several years, atleast for 12 years we may get our Sahasrara chakra activated.
This state is \"DNA activation\" Technically as westren people are saying.

My question is whether this DNA activation and Master CVV method of BHRUKTA RAHITA TARAKA RAJAYOGA both are same or different?

Could you please let me know about this?



few ppl assume DNA activation as shortcut to achieve what yogis achieve after 10-20 yrs of sadhana.
But they only achieve physical freezing of body(thats only 1 part of cvv method)
rest part about spiritual progress will not be achieved thru any shortcuts
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


Whatever Virinchi has said here is right. I agree with him completely. By using the shortcuts like DNA activation or anything else, one can get the physical related results like inheriting some arts or talents. But no such method can influence the spiritual powers and Karma. The easiest way to get that is to get initiated by a proper Guru. He can transfer most of his powers and siddhis to his Sishyas much easier than what he went through. But for that the Sishya should be that much qualified.
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Whoever you are & whatever you do, if your attitude is not good you are just 'Nothing'.