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Timing matters - when to meditate ?

Started by Star Dust, May 10, 2009, 10:57:25 AM

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Star Dust

There r 4 different times mentioned by sages for meditation.
all of them are around sunrise.

(meditation during noon and @ sunset is also done but by only few. mignight meditation is for ppl who don\'t find time..but its not advised)

If sunrise is @ 6AM :

1. between 3-4Am(brahma muhurta) : this is when ur subconsious mind is at its best and your soul is close to the creator(brahma)
this is the best time to start.

2. between 4-5AM(rishi muhurta) : this is when ur mind and soul can enter SAMADHI state easily. 2nd best time to start

3. between 5-6 AM(deva muhurta) : this is when sun is getting ready to rise and all ur subconsious forces go to sleep. prefered only for idol worship. 3rd best time

4. between 6-7AM(manushya muhurta) : this is when u can visit a holy place and follow what others do.

there\'s also a 5th one. which is worse

5. after 7Am till midnoon (rakshasa muhurta) : useless. as mind will be disturbed
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but i\'ve seen many people sleeping till 7AM and meditating after 8AM or complaining of lack of time.

even in many temples they dont do 1st puja till 7:30am whic is bad
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