what do people in india think of saibaba and guruji art of living ?

Started by angeldust, April 04, 2009, 03:24:26 AM

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i think that sudarshankria is effective to calm u down,but i get the num feeling like nothn matters its not like it motivates me much to be a better person or utilize my very best characteristics in my daily life functioning
i find my strenght elsewhere .what is the purpose of mediation really
longer life like we who are not from india tend to believe?


hi angeldust
i dint understand you clearly

meditation is not exactly for longer life(nobody can guarantee 100 yrs life, as we may die in an accident too)

pranayaama is certainly for helathy body and mind which can give you longer diseaseless life

but indian philosophy was different in (G)olden days
just to live for 100+ years is no use
living with a purpose was the motto

all those techniques and practices which make you numb are useless.
quit them and pick those which can motivate you

unfortunately over past 100 years so many gurus have evolved in india who mislead this generation towars inactivity

we\'re right now trying to bring things back on right track

for more about how and why to meditate, keep watching this site


saibaba is treated as GOD or incarnation in india

but who is the art of living fake guru, who makes you numb


i think that art of living ravishankar , kalki bhagawan etc are all useless to this generation.
we dont need gurus who make us numb through useless and timewasting processes

we need motivating gurus like swami vivekananda


i dont know much about other gurus but saibaba is most worshipped diety in india
i never felt numb


advantage of hinduism is you have choice of GODs to worship according to the kinda energy you need
Overall energy is ONE but through different mantras, yantras, dieties it is distributed to humans differently based on their needs

If you feel numb with saibaba or any other gurus, leave them and follow high energy gods like hanuman who will pump you up
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


thats good explanation Virinchi
for people who dont understand why hindus have so many dieties, this is the perfect ans


yes... i feel trash of this guruji lechures or art of living courses. they say some rubbish abt life as we dnt know. thr final conclusion is to provoke ppl for meditation n practice some yoga postures... dnt get attracted to such dumb programs.

well i believe in sai baba since from my 3rd yr. he always appears to me in dreams or by any signs n advices me. he always intimates me my upcoming prob n thr solutions... i trust  his powers... hes the most reliable god.


no GURU was ever accepted totally as incarnation of GOD as long as he was alive


even saibaba was questioned