Why does mind waver violently during meditation

Started by DCP, February 19, 2009, 11:55:28 AM

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First of all, you must know that meditation is not the real path to attain the grace of the Lord. Meditation means fixing your mind on a form or formless God. You can imagine only any thing, which is in the realm of the space-time. This means that you can meditate upon only a part or total creation and not upon the creator. God is not the creation and is also not in the creation. If God is creation, you are also God and there is no need of any meditation. If God is in the creation, all the changes in the creation must affect the God. Kapila says \" Asangohyayam purushash\", which means that God is not associated with creation.

Gita also says the same (Nachaaham Teshu..). God enters a small item of the creation and pervades all over that item for your service, which is only the proven love. Did you meditate upon your parents or wife or children? No, because you have real love to them. You serve them directly and not their photos or some other inert objects keeping as their models. You serve them in their human forms. They are different from their human bodies as souls. But you are serving the soul through the human body.
Similarly the Lord enters a human body and available for your true love. You must take pains to detect him. Have you not taken pains to search a suitable girl for marriage to show your true love? Take the help of the divine knowledge. Vedas and Gita have given the procedure to detect the human incarnation. To cut your bonds with the family members, who are also, human beings, another human form of God is only the equal competitor. Formless objects, statues and photos cannot compete. Your body is also a human form.

The bond with money is only for the human forms. If you develop the bond with human incarnation, which is Lord Himself called as Sadguru, He will bless you with divine knowledge, which alone can cut your worldly bonds. Since you have not fully realized, your attachment persists. The attachment is violent only due to the high intensity of ignorance, which is nothing but mis-interpreted and twisted wrong knowledge. Such ignorance can disappear only by the light of true divine knowledge.

The source of that knowledge is Sadguru. Therefore, you must catch a Sadguru and hear His divine knowledge constantly. You must clarify your doubts at every stage. When you are fully clarified, the ignorance disappears like the darkness in the presence of sunlight. Thus, the root cause is only ignorance and root remedy is only true knowledge. When the ignorance is associated with egoism and jealousy, it is like diabetes associated with hypertension and kidney-failure. Your case is not serious because you are with ignorance only. It will be easy to treat you.


i think its natural when you try to concentrate
best way is to leave it


i was been to patriji\'s meditation classes. the real meditation is to bring ur concentration to point of ur thoughts. it can be done by breathing techniques. its all means to get into samadhi state where no thoughts no god no world nothing other than a spark of power u c inside ur closed eyes.

i initially took lite of it but as i took serious n practiced it, it done wonders. i see world of peace. this peps u up in life especially in low times. it plays great role in strenghtening your body.

as known, concentration is not that easy to attain so disturbance is quite common. thats wt one need to overcome. leave the disturbing waves/thoughts n c further



this line is te KEY

the real meditation is to bring ur concentration to point of ur thoughts.

its not about removing thoughts but concentrating all thoughts on one aspect


the breathing techniques we use in meditation are pranamayas, due to which bad air from human body comes out n oxygen reaches to all organs n mixes with blood. this in turn keeps our body fit n fine.

this is how meditation empowers human brains.


it explained a lot but not about the thread title