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Why Should we de-program ourselves

Started by Apparao, August 29, 2009, 04:45:59 PM

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After reading many topics especially in vedic astrology reading section i felt that many people out there need to de-program themselves, else their life is going no where

i see people asking for help to simple problems like i had a fight with wife today, i dont like this job, i love someone but she loves someone else, i have no job , i didnt get married at 21 !!! , i\'m bored , will she/he love me or comeback to me ..etc etc..

most of them dont have a specific belief system and keep going around all sites in search of an answer THEY WANT , not the answer thats REAL !

Can these people discus all these problems with their friends or family?
Do they think astrologers are out of this world and tell them to do a trick and suddenly turns the way they wanted?
Most of the problems are within their minds and they should realise that they have to deprogram themselves to clear their minds and once they did that, they dont need any more answers.


who has more time to discuss different topics n gain knowledge.. this is the main reason many people keep saying as a excuse..

carry on with routines n earn more is for wt people are living.. so thy r using astrology etc for making things move fast..


you can use anything to get work done.
in the end what matters is the result
but such people dont understand that a problem and its solution is within themselves

this site is here to make you understand that you can help yourself better than anyone else


they need to be de-programmed first to get re-programmed to understand what you say
most are used to spoon feeding since childhood and want everything in easyway


they wont do anything you expected.
they\'ll keep consulting different people in different sites until they think they will find an answer which they want (which ultimately wont happen) and suffer all through their lives and before dying will understand how uselessly they lived(died)


hmmm :) good topic. but i cant say much as many who just visit this site are heavily programmed


it\'ll be hard for them to believe that they are heavily programmed and most of it is useless for them


Most people dont realise the importance of meditation in this Hi-Fi life style.


meditation will not deprogram you totally
thinking will do.
you should not stick to any belief system like religion, caste, race, family tradition, society norms, friendship traits which all were programmed into our brain since childhood

we were born with blank relations and blank mind and all these useless stuff was induced forcefully but with a plan into us and now we cant see anything beyond them
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


hi virinchi
i dont think its easy for everyone to everyone to realise that they were wrongly programmed !
they wont accept it
they think that people who ask them to deprogram are wrong
in today\'s world they wont even believe god if they see him in real (but they worship his idol)
they want proofs.. proofs that\'ll shatter them and their belief system