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Why Should we de-program ourselves

Started by Apparao, August 29, 2009, 04:45:59 PM

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ya sasi is aposolutly rit but i feel 1 in 100000 would just think a about it .......


[rquote=2208&topic=353&author=Virinchi]meditation will not deprogram you totally
thinking will do.
you should not stick to any belief system like religion, caste, race, family tradition, society norms, friendship traits which all were programmed into our brain since childhood

we were born with blank relations and blank mind and all these useless stuff was induced forcefully but with a plan into us and now we cant see anything beyond them

I believe in hinduism a lot :)


that means you are heavily programmed


thats a good counter shalu.. :lol:

not many will know the value of de-program.. its like a divine feel..  i am stick to none like relationship traits, etc etc.. but asingle carrer goal.. which i think is not a programmed part.

though belief in hinduism is a best activity, it sometimes makes us weak in tuff situations of life..  

de-programming activity gives a power which makes u realise the truth of you - is what i believe..  


I believe in hinduism a lot - is a statement without any solid support
you believe because your family and community believed
you haven\'t questioned this belief at any level nor have experienced anything exceptional because of it

Did hinduism or for that matter any religion show you right path and solve all our problems?

I believe is what swami vivekananda and Jiddu krishnamurti said : Dont believe anything just because someone said it or its written somewhere.
Try it yourself and see results and then only follow

even i didnt believe vivekandanda until i tried , tested and got proofs myself


I started believing in hinduism when i am in graduation.Dont know why but suddenly its like someone told me to worship lord shiva in dream and i started worshiping lord shiva.Till then i never use to go to sivalayams on my own but after that i started going to sivalayams and i saw positive results.You might find it strange but from there on i changed completely.May be worshiping shiva and believing in hinduism is not same :)


yep. both are different
you have a reason why you worship certain god. you need not explain it to anyone but you are convinced and thats enough.
but hindusim is different. you are just following it because everyone does it
you still have to find a reason or quit it

i dont mean to say to change religion but you can be religion-less until you find a reason, or worshiping lord shiva is itself your religion


whatever may be your reason but i strongly feel in all religions we\'re all heavily programmed since our childhood and most of the stuff is useless for us.


religion itself is programming
so better not stick and get carried away by any


so much waste stuff has entered human brains, lived into their DNA and got transferred to further generations
all those seperative thoughts that i\'m hindu, you\'re christian, he\'s muslim, we belong to some other race, god exists in so and so form, gods descended on earth, worshipping gods in idol/photos, treating one form of god/religion superior to other, treating fellow humans low etc all thise is waste stuff

we need to throw this out of our minds and evolve fresh
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !