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Philosophy / How can we classify good / bad karma in such situations
« on: November 26, 2011, 03:14:40 AM »
I would say the situations described int he first post are more collective, and therefor result that you maybe born in a certain time, culture etc. in a more general frame. what me strikes is the origin. were we once all equal and divided by the time in that what we are now? are we all the same age?  

Palmistry / Palm reading
« on: August 20, 2011, 08:54:44 PM »
Dear Mr. Pravin Kumar,

thank your for your time again! I am sorry that the pictures do not work out.

So it is a doubled lie line, not head line. My life line is not so strong so I guess a second line could be supportive. Though I did not move in the last 3 years. My small finger is a tiny bit longer- the cusp is over the beginning of the third part of the 4th finger.

I hope the sun line stays with me. Sometimes the beginning of the line disappears and reappears under the heartline. But because I know it  is a good one I tried to develope it, but for past time I let it more aside. And really this line now is interrupted by the isle in the heartline, and slightly shifted. the line above the heartline ever was, but is very short disappears for a short way and then build a kind of kite with another line which also was ever. The mount of mercury is quite high, so that it could seem the line is constistent.

After reading about the unusual heartline, which I never noticed I saw that the heart line on the right side build a huge fork under the saturn finger reaching downwards to the headline, melting and than come a bit up again, a small line, hardla to see turns also downwards to the lifeline, at this same point the heartline seems to be broken as if one branch goes down the other one parallel goes to the finger of jupiter. I think the line which goes to the lifeline wasn´t there in the origin.

I try to bring the pictures, but I have to ask a friend so it will take again a while.

thank you very much for your patience,


Palmistry / Palm reading
« on: August 19, 2011, 04:55:55 AM »
Dear Mr. Pravin Kumar,

I read your reply right after, but I though I wait till I have the new snaps.
Thank you for the clarification on the lines, I am quite relieved. I completely agree, I have sensitivity. I did not notice that my heartline is also unusual. headline and heartline are most strongest though, whereby the headline is more clearer. (I am not sure what meditating is (in experience), I am without a teacher and) I have some difficulties in what I call meditating lately, but I try to improve myself.

Let´s see what other things my lines reveal.  I would feel very honoured of your attention.

I hope these are better pictures:  

left hand:

right hand:!


Palmistry / Palm reading
« on: July 31, 2011, 05:25:10 AM »

I have some questions on my lines in my palm. I tried it myself but I am no good in it.

I have a lot of lines in my hand, which I heard is not a sign of a good fortune.
It seems to me I have no fate line either.
My life line makes me wonder, because in both hands it is forked after some cm.
in the left palm it could be a doubled headline, I thought but the right hand does not confirm it. I read that it means sth bad. Also I am wondering if my Jupiter palace is too high and if I represent the bad traits of Jupiter.
In my left hand the marriage line looks good, but in the right hand it is forked.

I would kindly like to ask your opinion on my fate. Especially my luck in profession and family life.

I am 30 yrs old and right handed.


I would be very thankful!

kind regards


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