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hello  learned members, im posting the chart details of my friend who is currently abroad but without a permanent job.hes got his n was working in a better job  till late 2011 but quit it due to certain situations. then he returned to india and again went back to u.k in two months in sep 2012.  but now hes without a good job n now hes in a marketing job  thats not permanent. hres not married yet. facing pressure from parents.
details are..
14.11.1980    time  4.40 pm
place nagapattinam, near
lat  -- 10.52N
long --79.65 E

star sravana , currently running  jupiter jupiter   . when will he get a better job n  what are the marriage prospects? thanks

Astrology Discussions / mangalik match making
« on: February 01, 2013, 08:51:59 PM »
in tamil nadu mangalik  persons find it very hard to  get matches. astrologers here make it a big issue along with the resence of rahu or ketu in  first or second house. they dont take into consideration the factors that cancel or nullify kuja dosha.
what  do k.p astrologers have to say on this topic?

also, they insist that ppl with rahu or ketu in first or second house should marry ppl with similar placements which make it an equal dosha match. and i think it is not in practice in other states.

it would be very useful to  people who have  invested in stocks like me , if  seniors here  could  explain the  rules wile  using the    personal chart  in intraday  trading?  should we  consider the  placements of  planets  from  lagna or fifth house ?looking forward to guidance from senior experts? thanks

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