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may suggest copy paste your rashi chart, navamsa chart, the nakshatras of planets and the dasa sequences.


Dream Interpretation / snake in the sleep
« on: April 25, 2010, 09:01:39 AM »
learned members,

it was the night of akshaya tritiya this month, saturday night. wonder why such a fearful snake dream on such an auspicious day. had offered white rice and black sesame seeds in the morning at the shiva temple in our colony compound in the morning.

had asked my youngest brother and family to perform puja at kalahasti that saturday evening and they had been there - just a coincidence.

saw a snake in the dream/a white snake. tried to escape rolling farther away. the snake came nearer and seemed to surround my body and sniff me on the head behind,

i roared alond in fear in the sleep and woke up late into the night could be 4.00pm or so i guess - my family members woke up too on hearing me roar.  few minutes later i again went to sleep not saying anything to anybody.

never had such snake dream earlier.
yes, did roar in sleep twice earlier
when i was in the 5th standard or so summer vacation,
later once in mid 1985.

any critical meaning and implications to this dream, now! any future trends that could be expected.

regards and thanks,


currently no job since dec 25 07.
dob 06 jan 1956, 01-57am, tenali/andhra
chitra-3, kumbha navamsa
running saturn-jupiter-venus dasa

kalahasti charanau sharanam aham prapadhye!!!

myself had performed puja at kalahasti
on a saturday evening way back 02/03?

Shri Seetaram,


thanks again indeed for illuminating me on the role of transit ketu in the 9th house
with reference to my chart placements especially jupiter in ketu\'s nakshatra and it\'s impact
during the antardasha of jupiter in saturn.

hope main budha dasa would be really good while the systems approach treats budha as lord of the 12th for tula lagna - but got married during jupiter-budha dasa, saturn-budha dasa was the peak of my career. while jupiter dasa main was quite progressive with stability between 76-86 and further progress 87-92 although with instability.

seems jupiter dasa gave sudden benefits or changes from time to time. jupiter transit leo during jupiter dasa was always beneficial giving promotion with higher increments while jupiter transit leo during saturn dasa was zero effective not even fetching a job, just to share.

thanks and regards again for this critical input,


ps : to share again, my youngest brother has natal ketu in the 9th house in kanya rashi, when ketu transited ketu in the 9th he had a job change for better moving from delhi to bangalore a long distance change.

Ms Aastha,

with the above birth details guess his sun is in the 11th house in taurus giving cancer ascendant. cancer is a watery sensitive sign. taurus gives creativity, sense of comfort, patience while the bull could get angry when provoked.

taurus is badhaka sign for the cancer ascendant and could have financial problems perhaps related to job/income and could have highly placed friends who could be a source of trouble for him rather i guess. he could be inclined for working with government/corporates but that may not be conducive really.

his natal saturn could have been in virgo the 3rd house which is good for initiative and
enterprise, while saturn is the lord of the 7th house for vocation. transit saturn is now moving towards the natal saturn in the 3rd and good now here and could cause major changes in life with new initiatives. let saturn turn direct end May. the last 3 yrs could have been tough with saturn in transit leo 2nd house of family and finances. saturn in virgo could give an engineering/technical career with meticulousness.

rahu is transit the 6th house for employment matters in fiery saggitarius, generally rahu in the 6th is considered good - being in saggitarius could have stressful competition/opponents/hurdles in the environment.

jupiter early May moves to own pisces in the 9th house for luck and could be now better for job/pilgrimage, while the jupiter-saturn opposition could cause some stress too in employment matters saturn being karaka for employment and jupiter lord of the 6th for employment. there could be some delay in the expected progress. jupiter mid-course sept-dec could be effective for luck.

jupiter aspects saturn lord of the 7th house for marriage and there could be a proposal from some close acquaintance/neighbours/relatives/friends/colleagues or so saturn of the 7th being in the 3rd house. thus guess some chance for marriage during sept-dec. however transit ketu is in the 12th house moksha sthana while ketu dasa and hence the chances could be lowered.
however could keep a watch for any worthwhile chance dealing suitably.

venus is karaka for marriage but badhaka as lord of the 11th - hence could offer 1.25kg white rice alongwith white embroidered chunri at lakshmi temple on a friday evening.

for saturn as lord of the 7th could please him lighting a til oil diya on saturday evenings in the pooja at home.

for rahu in fiery saggitarius in the 6th in order to overcome hurdles/opponents could give karpoor aarti to durgamata on wednesday evenings.

for ketu/ketu dasa could offer 1.25kg white til at ganapati temple on a tuesday and pray to lord ganapti regularly offering white til revadi prasad.

for blessings of jupiter offer yellow shawl to a saint of your faith or say shirdi sai baba/dutta guru. could light a ghee diya on thurdsay mornings.

for karka lagna saturn lord of 7th house is not conducive leading to moon-saturn opposition hence find a suitable match carefully with proper kundali milan from an expert family astrologer.
girl with lagna/moon in meen/mesh the 9th/10th signs could be more conducive perhaps. check for graha milan rather than only quick gun milan.

wait for jupiter to enter pisces early may and saturn to turn direct end May and things could gradually improve with better luck, job prospects etc although some challenge would continue.

saturn being also the 8th lord in the 3rd house need to be somewhat careful while driving vehicles preventing road accidents the coming two years, especially upto end May while saturn is retrograde. otherwise saturn in the 3rd is good for initiative while would also have the aspect of jupiter from the 9th house for one year from now.

astrology is my personal hobby and have attempted this much based on the minimum birth details as above. hope find the inputs useful someway for further reflections,

wishing well,



to attempt,

venus is your atmakaraka with interest in arts/music/acting while have the sun/mercury/moon/venus combine in the creative/speculative 5th house simha and ascendant nakshatra is bharani/venus star.

saturn is your amatyakaraka representing vocation which is elevated in  tula the 7th house for business management. saturn is lord of the 10/11 for career/gains. saturn/tula represent love of justice. while jupiter in the 9th while also being in own dhanu represents higher learning and law/justice. thus your other options could be law/justice or business management. while the planets in the 5th house with sun in own leo suggest good advisory posiiton in life.

mars the ascendant with ketu in the 8th house suggest love for research/investigation, occult/astrology. need to guard against accidents being careful with water. ascendant in 8th house may not be good for health matters and scorpio is an introverted sign hence wonder whether IPS type role would fit in fully well needing to assert energy and move in the public. could think of forensic department perhaps.

may be could be a criminal lawyer/judge having a law consultancy firm in partnership, or with saturn in the 7th and sun in the 5th being an IAS  officer also seems good. why not think of doing MBA if it appeals and could be easier. saturn which represents vocation is in the 7th house for vocation representing business administration elevated there. could be a business consultant later perhaps with jupiter playing the advisory role.

current saturn transit is 6th house good for employment matters but 2nd from the natal sun/moon in the last phase of sadesati. rahu is transiting over natal jupiter in the 9th vitiating decision making and the wisdom thereof while being 5th from the moon. jupiter moves to 8th from the moon early May into the 12th house. 9/12 houses suggest foreign travels, foreign studies, foreign universities, distant lands.

running sun-saturn dasa with sun in the 5th house and elevated saturn in the 7th house tula with transti saturn in the 6th house, hence could get success with extra efforts possibly while the saturn-jupiter opposition could give some tension. saturn goes elevated after two years, 3rd from the moon and could bring good/better results. sun/saturn is followed by sun-mercury dasa reprsenting intellectual results.

with transit rahu in the 9th may offer prayers/pooja at the kalahasti temple to help you take the proper decision, including pooja for saturn being in sadesati the next two years. could offer a yellow shawl at shirdisaibaba temple on a thursday for jupiter\'s blessings. have mesha lagna hence regularly pray to lord kartikeya and could offer 125gm kumkum at the temple once on a tuesday. could light a camphor lamp daily morning for rahu at home, and a til lamp daily in the evening for saturn. may light a cow ghee diya for jupiter on thursdays.

hope the above mere suggestions with respect to choices in career could be of some help while reflecting further - saturn lord of 10th is elevated in the 7th house for business management while sun/jupiter support from the trines. your ascendant mars/ketu in scorpio in the 8th are in tune with your thought of IPS, criminal investigation while saturn neecha aspect on the first hous could give a thin body perhaps. could think of more options as you have got into the choice making process. jupiter in the 9th dhanu supports ethics. sun represents administration. rahu in the 2nd gives command on foreign languages/say in english perhaps.

wishing you all is well,


Personal Horoscope Reading Forum / Success in Business
« on: April 15, 2010, 03:08:46 PM »
guess have sun in meena rashi in the 12th house with mesha lagna.

saturn is transit 6th house continuing for next two years in kanyarashi opposite the natal sun in the 12th house impacting creativity, while sun is lord of the 5th creative house. saturn turns direct end May and could ease a bit. while bhagyesh jupiter will transit natal sun from early May and could be suggestive of foreign travels and high expenses. see that expenditure is productive as 12th is house of losses while saturn is in opposition.  rahu too is in the 9th house in transit suggesting foreign travels/change. ketu is in the 3rd house of initiative but being in gemini could be overanalytical in approach - paralysis by analysis perhaps.

with ketu in the 3rd and saturn in the 6th opposite sun, need to handle subordinates/employees better without conflict and separations.

see how things work out june onwards. see if you could get orders from hospitals/health services etc isolated nature of businesses or foreign tourism.

saturn moves to elevated libra two years later to the 7th house tularashi for business and things could be much better then.

could offer in the office camphor/karpoor aarti to durga mata enabling overcoming obstacles in business/fortune.

the next two years with saturn-sun opposition could be challenging. saturn as lord of 11th house of gains for mesha lagna is a badhaka - could offer 1.25 ltr til oil at shiva temple once on a saturday alongwith 1.25kg black uraddal and 1.25kg wheat, 1.25kg green moongdal and 1.25kg white til, faith permitting.

could offer a yellow shawl alongwith 1.25kg yellow chanadal at shirdisaibaba temple or dutta guru temple to seek jupiter\'s blessings.

mars is the lord of the lagna hence you could offer regular prayers to lord kartikeya and could offer 125gms kumkum at kartikeya temple once on a tuesday.

coming to your partner could have sun in vrishab in the 9th house with kanya lagna - kanya lagna represents trade and vrishab represents verbal creativity. sun is lord of the 12th house for losses, but could be good for foreign affairs.

mesh and kanya lagnas are shadasthak 6/8 from each other while vrishab/meen are sextile 3/11 to each other offering hidden support to each other covertly -

rahu is transiting the 8th house now for a year more and separative ketu is in the 2nd house for finances. jupiter would move to 7th house pisces early May and partnership quality may improve therefrom, watch what happens as jupiter is badhaka for kanya lagna. saturn is transiting the lagna while is lord of the 6th house impacting health perhaps, could ease after turning direct end May. saturn enters 2nd house of finances in elevated tula rashi after two years.

hence business could take good shape after two years, while the current time for two years is of challenges.

the costs of the above suggested offerings may be shared jointly or be done on business account for joint benefit in business partnership.

hope these preliminary observations based on the birth date details are of help,

wishing you well,


thanks Ms Sasirekha and Shri Seetaram for the kind observations,

running saturn-jupiter dasa, jupiter moves to own pisces in the 6th for employment matters, while saturn would be transit opposite in the 12th house. any chance of some employment May onwards.

what will be the impact of mercury as lord of the 12th during mercury dasa - will it act as lord of the 9th and help out bringing better days professionally and fortune. mercury is placed 8th from the 9th house in the 4th kendra, while is in trine with the 12th house. aspects the 10th house alongwith ascendant venus placed there. hope i could be enlightened on this.

regards and thanks again,



seeking job since dec 25 07, taught MBA-hr weekly classes june-nov 08, free again since then. had literally no job feb 02-dec 05. and again now. practically leading a retired type of life since 2002 impacting family peace. what has happened. is it planets or some other occult forces.

what are chances of my career renewal now, job again by any chance, what are my options now for my earnings with college going daughter and son and daughter to be sooner married. applying all across the country with very rare responses which again do not work out.

dob 6th jan 1956, 01-57am, tenali/andhra
chitra-3, kumbha navamsa, meena dasamsa,
running saturn-jupiter dasa

marriage event ref : 28th may 1983

hr professional by experience dealing with recruitment,training,performance appraisals, etc
astrology is my personal hobby.

started working early jan 1974 alongwith college studies. started as hr assistant to reach Manager-hr 1995-01.

jupiter is in my 11th house leo but saturn-jupiter dasa has not worked out till date. saturn yogakaraka in the 2nd house alongwith mars/rahu.
got a satisfactory assignment during saturn-mars dasa jan 06, a much better one in terms of remuneration during saturn-rahu mid 07 but followed by a quicker fall ending dec 07 saturn-rahu-ketu dasa.

how does one know that a job break would be too long or quite short or permanent.

seek valued empathetic astrocounsel from learned members for hope and learnings -  hope my chart would evoke interest!

thanks in all anticipation and, regards again,


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