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Astrology Discussions / Pending Karma Query
« on: December 12, 2015, 10:50:44 PM »
Through Rah & Ketu positions in one’s horoscope:

1. Aeries/Libra.

Past life results:

Lucky, luxuries, comforts.High Spiritual learning, good life.

Present Life Result:

Dramatic instinct, strong, usual,Plenty of self-command, Property.Family harmony & happiness and Losing opportunities.

2. Taurus/Scorpio.

Past life results:
Underworld activities, misuse of power, unhappy family life.Sufferings.

Present Life Result:
Success, Liberal & democratic, Philosophical knowledge, pilgrimages, Live nicely & comfortably.

3. Gemini/Sagittarius.

Past life results:
Freedom, independence, pursued various philosophical/Mystical pursuits.

Present Life Result:

Admirable character, humour, has suggestive ideas, foresee events. Just, Social, philosophical & emotional.

4. Cancer/Capricorn.

Past life results:
Unhappy family life faced problems & difficulties.

Present Life Result:

New ideas & enterprises family is important, pride & boast, National/social service

5. Leo/Aquarius.

Past life results:

Involved many unusual social activities, no time for personal

Present Life Result:

Vitality for carrying large enterprises, capable to supervise & undertake needs and worked/helped for others. responsibilities, mental harmony, self-confidence, foreign travel &
own buildings.

6. Virgo/Pisces.

Past life results:

Incognito could not use opportunities for personal gains.

Present Life Result:

Sudden wealth, stability & perseverance, opportunities and methodical Achievements.

Astrology Discussions / Pending Karma Query
« on: December 12, 2015, 10:49:57 PM »
2) Planets in 12th house: A planet in12th cusp modify the results if it is—
i) Sun: Fortunate and learn lessons properly, but it brings misery & sorrow through
others and bad health. This tells advancement of soul in this life.
ii) Moon: Moody in past life and so in present life he will have trouble in dealings with
others especially with women.
iii) Mars: Domineering both in past and present lives. But no one to boss which is
psychic leading to lack of mental peace.
iv. Mercury: Nonsense talk in last life and hence in present life sensitive and hesitates to
talk which is good for psychic communications.
v) Jupiter: Good as native acquires knowledge with soul advancement.
vi) Venus: Strong for spiritual and soul advancement but bad signifying secret love
vii) Saturn: Bad indicating the native inflicted his sour moods on others and exhibited
meanness. In present life fulfills Karma through serious and deep feelings working in his
viii) Uranus: Unreliable in past life and in present life the native will have psychic
experiences through which he will benefit others.
ix) Neptune: Deceived persons always in past and hence in this life the native will be
always faces unexpected unseen evil happenings.
x) Pluto: In the past the native was arrogant and exhibited egoism considering himself
above all and hence in present life the native suffer sorrows and retributions in present

Astrology Discussions / Pending Karma Query
« on: December 12, 2015, 10:48:57 PM »
vii) Libra: In past cared for earthly pleasures. In this life with Scorpio as lagna the native
always was misunderstood by others, .hence he has to strive to find the real meaning of
viii) Scorpio: In the past life native did not share the knowledge of human equations so, I
this life with Sagittarius as ascendant he has to inspire others.
ix) Sagittarius: In past the native fully immersed in spiritual and philosophical theories
thereby his knowledge was not shared and helped others. So, in present Janma with
Capricorn as lagna the native will have less spiritual qualities and concentrate on
material achievements.
x) Capricorn: Ambitious and achieved material progress by trampling others in previous
life. In present Janma with Acquarius lagna his ambition will not be the most important
xi) Acquarius: Fooled others and shirking responsibilities in last life and in present one
with Pisces lagna dependent and serves others.
xii) Pisces: In past the native tried to satisfy his greed and in this life with Aeries lagna
he will pay back by serving others.

Astrology Discussions / Pending Karma Query
« on: December 12, 2015, 10:48:03 PM »
am hoping along with saturn, rahu and ketu can also reveals some thing about our past and present life result.
I validated with some well known people, still needs to check this results.
So I request senior db memebers please correct/valdiate the information if requried.

Past life through 12th house: 12th house indicates past life or some important past
incarnation. All Karmic readings start with this house since one can see evil happenings in the
present life being the results of evil past actions and the native pays in present life. Further, 12th
house does not indicate past life immediate to present one but denotes the last important
incarnation. The native has no control over 12th cusp and hence the events of past life are free
from native’s control. If a sign contains both houses 12th and Lagna the native experiences those
very results which he gives to others. In other words whatever he does/delivers to others, good
or bad; the native receives the same.
The past life of a native can be predicted basing on the --
1) Sign occupied by 12th house in one’s chart as—
i) Aeries: Mean mentality in past and has to pay Karmic debt by being born in Taurus
Lagna becomes sensitive to pain and suffering.
ii) Taurus: Miser, greedy & wealthy in the past. In this life, Gemini being Lagna pursue
his mental objectives neglecting material possessions.
iii) Gemini: Contribution to society is zero in past and with Cancer Lagna in this life he
will pay motherly attention and treatment for all..
iv) Cancer: Most evil placement of 12th Bhava, the native was completely unfaithful and
irresponsible to home-life. So, in present life as Leo ascendant the native himself suffers
with lack of love and attention from his home resulting mental tension and torture even
though he may not have financial problems.
v) Leo: In previous life he enjoyed and satisfied his physical appetite to the detriment of
others. In this life with Virgo as lagna he will pay for his sins by serving others.
vi) Virgo: In past life gave importance for trivialities and criticized others. In present
Janma with Libra as lagna gives no importance for details and will himself be criticized
for not doing justice.

Transits / Rahu in Leo, Ketu in Aquarius from 9 January 2016
« on: December 12, 2015, 10:43:49 PM »
Nice info..wat abt remaining signs??

Awsome Appa rao garu..

Astrology Discussions / Pending Karma Query
« on: December 01, 2015, 10:36:58 PM »
Good info virinchi sir..

In my childhood, i learnt that the money is one thing who ruled the world. How you earn and how honesty live in the world is nothing matter. I also thought that the even the opinions of others and feelings didnt matter. But later during my gruadation, i read puranas on myself out of curiosity and got to know the death and  life.. My parents were illiterate and struggling a lot for living their lives.. They dont know what my thoughts also.. I am very blessful to god mainly saturn who ruled me during childhood to give an oppurtunity at an early age  to know about how to live.

Eventhough my life has so many struggles which is continuing till now.. i am always thankful to God/saturn..

Thank U seetaram Ji

For North Indians Karthika masam begins on Oct 28 ends on Nov 28.

gujarat, telugu, Kanada, Goa, marathi people, karthika masam from 12th nov -Dec 11

For tamilians and Malayalam people: No idea about exact date .

Can any one please clarify which dates are correct to follow to do karthika masa vrat??

I didnt undestand what the chakra testing.. for me, it showing third eye is opening.

When i heard mahabharatham, first chakras will open from bottom one by one from bottom (muladhara chakara) to head top (sahasraar chakra). without opeining bottom chakra, how other chakras can others open. one more thing, when i heard mahabharat in shanti parvam, if atleast one chakra opens, we will get vaak shudi, that means if we tell knowingly or unknowingly any thing it will happen in future. Can any one explain more about these chakras??

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