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Astrology Discussions / use of astrology
« on: February 23, 2010, 10:50:26 PM »
few incidents can be corrected and few cant be, if we know future
but atleast by knowing them well in advance we can be mentally prepared for it and not worry much

Occult and Magick / Know any trick to make a wish come trie?
« on: February 23, 2010, 10:43:50 PM »
sushma, those are saffron flowers from which \'reddish orange\' thread like substance is obtained (you can see dark lines in those flowers posted by you)
and those threads are used as powder for skin care and improved complexion
those are known as kumkum flowers in hindi, which are mixed in milk and given to pregnant ladies so that their kids are born with good complexion and without any skin diseases

what HPG777 referes is lavender which is not native indian flower
its more grown in north india(kashmir etc) where snow falls regularly
cant find it in tropical climate

Dream Interpretation / What does Day Dreams signify ?
« on: February 22, 2010, 07:19:11 PM »
seeing lotus is symbol of awakening, something related to spiritual knowledge
other sequences are not understood
seeing god shows your highly spiritual nature

usually day dreams are just our thoughts but sometimes when your subconscious mind wants to send you a message, it\'l make you sleep at odd times and show a dream

From a modern psychological standpoint, kundalini represents the activation of \"one\'s instinctual nature\" . Activation of kundalini is essential if we are to overcome our lethargy and stagnation and move forward with our lives:

So there must be something peculiar in you, a leading spark, some incentive, that forces you on through the water  and toward the next center [chakra]. And that is the Kundalini, something absolutely unrecognizable, which can show, say, as fear, as a neurosis, or apparently also as vivid interest; but it must be something which is superior to your will. Otherwise you don\'t go through it. . . . The Kundalini in psychological terms is that which makes you go on the greatest adventures

. . From certain symptoms it may be inferred that the energy is rising: a flood of tears, horripilation, spontaneous half-opening of the mouth as at the time of death. Also it may happen that, while engaged in conversation, the yogin begins to stammer, to utter inarticulate words, to speak in a voice broken with sobs of joy

Silburn cites these disturbing symptoms from a time and place where the kundalini experience was supported by an historical tradition. Such is not the case for us today in the West. For as Evola points out, the arousal of kundalini is \"formless and hellish\" and \"involves a heavy risk.\" \"The danger is less where such rites of sexual magic fit into the background of a sympathetic tradition and do not have recourse to the technique of inversion\" .

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso sees an even more fundamental problem, \"Everyone is excited by copulation but few can transform that bliss into the spiritual path\" . The fact that kundalini is \"divine\" establishes only that she is infinitely more powerful than we are; it by no means assures us that her effects will always be felt as benevolent:

[Kundalini] is divine in the sense that it is invariably felt as vastly superior to all ego-effort or personal initiative. . . . It may suddenly appear like a thief at unexpected hours, steal your mind and heart with a thrilling touch, devour your sleep, decimate all lethargy and resistance and galvanize your total being into one soaring flame of divine passion. When unchecked in its advance, it is capable of swallowing up the whole ego-self, shattering the bonds of space-time awareness, and annihilating all landmarks of familiar cultural norms

The serpent of light that sleeps at the base of the spine is said to rise through the body to the head like the semen retained in vajroli. Along the way, she reveals that within this fleshly body we take for granted resides a \"subtle body\" comprised of \"wheels\" (chakras) and passageways connecting them. As she rises along the vertical axis of the body, parallel to the backbone, these chakras open, one by one, like lotus flowers; and as each one opens, we are introduced to a new level of consciousness. Our subtle body amounts to an internal diamond ladder. Indeed, the name given tothe \"transubstantiated body,\" the body no longer comprised merely of flesh but made up of a \"ladder\" of chakras is the \"diamond body\" (vajra-deha). The Sanskrit word vajra is variously translated as \"thunderbolt,\" \"diamond,\" and \"adamantine.\" Hard and brilliant as a diamond, kundalini moves with the suddenness of a lightning bolt; and the body she reveals is of like substance. \"The Mahabharata mentions a race of beings whose bones are like diamond . . . They are said to have a steady gaze, to live without eating, and to emit a beautiful scent\"
This chapter will be limited to a discussion of kundalini as a transformative energy. We shall return to the topic of the subtle body in Chapter Eight. For now it will be sufficient to give only one indication that kundalini\'s rise through the several [8] chakras of the subtle body is by no means always a gratifying experience. Basing her account on texts from Kashmir, Lilian Silburn notes the following disturbing indications of kundalini\'s ascent.

If while freely moving up it stops for a few minutes at each wheel and causes it to vibrate, during the long period of preparation, and when a center is pierced for the first time, certain, often spectacular, disturbances do occur; under the terrific pressure of the ascending Kundalini and the extreme tension she generates, the body can react in unpredictable ways. Thus a violent tremor spreads from the heart; then the vault of the palate starts vibrating. And just as the yogin becomes omnipresent, he feels dizzy -- a stage indicating celestial sight (divyadrsti), which pierces through everything unobstructed. And again, under the influence of the pure mystic Science, the limbs oscillate at the joints,  the heart throbs when the yogin shifts from the individual to the universal state.

Sleep & Disorders / How to Use Your Subconscious to Change Your Life
« on: February 21, 2010, 12:47:36 AM »
try asking your subconscious to improve itself, thereby improving your intuition
it will work wonders

Meditation & deprogramming / Slavery and the eight veils
« on: February 21, 2010, 12:45:11 AM »
just compare those veil positions with your beliefs

Chakras, Auras, Energy Healing / Chakras behaviour
« on: February 21, 2010, 12:41:55 AM »
it doesnt apply for all

but still i feel 7 chakras are like 7 veils in front of us before self-realisation

i read his book

in that madam blavetsky says to CVV that she morya is her master/guru and koot-homi is spiritual level master whom she never met physically.
koot-homi is termed here as paramatma level

but this photo shows all of them together

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