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Horary Astrology / unknown birth time and date also
« on: May 20, 2009, 12:59:49 PM »
i think you should ask a query or pick a number to cast a chart i guess

worst symptom is missing or delayed mensus and weak children born later

Meditation & deprogramming / Timing matters - when to meditate ?
« on: May 10, 2009, 10:57:25 AM »
There r 4 different times mentioned by sages for meditation.
all of them are around sunrise.

(meditation during noon and @ sunset is also done but by only few. mignight meditation is for ppl who don\'t find time..but its not advised)

If sunrise is @ 6AM :

1. between 3-4Am(brahma muhurta) : this is when ur subconsious mind is at its best and your soul is close to the creator(brahma)
this is the best time to start.

2. between 4-5AM(rishi muhurta) : this is when ur mind and soul can enter SAMADHI state easily. 2nd best time to start

3. between 5-6 AM(deva muhurta) : this is when sun is getting ready to rise and all ur subconsious forces go to sleep. prefered only for idol worship. 3rd best time

4. between 6-7AM(manushya muhurta) : this is when u can visit a holy place and follow what others do.

there\'s also a 5th one. which is worse

5. after 7Am till midnoon (rakshasa muhurta) : useless. as mind will be disturbed

Philosophy / Quantum Physics "Reality"
« on: May 10, 2009, 10:52:10 AM »
\"Reality\" is what we take to be true.
What we take to be true is what we believe.
What we believe is based upon our perceptions.
What we perceive depends on what we look for.
What we look for depends upon what we think.
What we think depends upon what we perceive.
What we perceive determines what we believe.
What we believe determines what we take to be true
What we take to be true is our reality.
So . . . We create our own reality.

Philosophy / Oversoul Families
« on: May 10, 2009, 10:49:43 AM »
Most people think in terms of linear logic because this is the way they are trained. Linear logic means that if you do “x” then “y” will follow. For example, if you study hard in school (x) then you will get good grades (y). Or, if you put a pot of water on a hot burner (x) then the water will eventually boil. The world is full of such neat and precise logical situations, always moving you from Point A to Point B to Point C and so forth, in a straight “linear” line.

There are numerous books designed to teach you how to think using linear logic. The entire educational system enforces linear logic. The more education you have the more linear logic is expected of you. After all, how can you function unless you can project what effect “x” will have on “y”?

Studying linear logic (x) affects you by narrowing your focus away from multidimensional logic (y) – another brilliant and well-implemented plan to keep you away from the capabilities of your true self. Because you are so accustomed to thinking linearly, thinking in multidimensional logic, which is your natural state, becomes a challenge.

Always remember that you are a microcosm of the macrocosm, and as such, whatever is within God-Mind is within you. God-Mind does not “think” in linear terms. This is why events in your life appear to happen haphazardly. From a linear logical standpoint, there is no order, only chaos.

To truly understand the scenario of life, one must move into the True Nature of True Reality, which does not run in a straight line from Point A to Point B to Point C. This is why you can plan and plan, and plan some more, yet what you think is going to happen never happens, or happens in a completely different way than you ever imagined. This is because you live in a linear box.

True geniuses always think “outside the box” – the linear box, that is. True geniuses do not let the constraints of the educational system box them in. They constantly daydream and allow their minds to wander into the world of “what if” without limitations. They get off the linear line. True greats are often described as “they did it their own way” or “they had their own style” or even, “they were completely self-taught.”

When you put your requests out to your Oversoul and God-Mind, sometimes it appears that your requests are denied or not even heard. This is because once you do this, you create a picture in your own mind of how and when your request will be answered. In True Reality, as soon as you make the request there is an answer, but most of the time you do not recognize it.

If you request a beautiful new car but do not know how to drive, manifesting one immediately might not be the most appropriate action for you at the moment. Maybe your personality is rash and would not properly handle the responsibility of piloting a mass of steel down the highway. Maybe your personality would need some adjustments before you could even deal with a driving instructor. Maybe your area does not have proper roads. Or, maybe the roads you have will soon be under construction, but you do not know this yet.

Maybe if you have a car too soon, someone might get hurt. Maybe “your car” is not ready for you yet—the correct frequency of your vehicle is extremely important since your car is an outpicturing of you. This list of “maybes” can go on and on, and “maybe” all of the above describes you! So, before the car manifests, you have a lot to get in order.

Yet, the impatient you might not recognize the “maybes”. You might think “I want one now” and “No one is listening.” Maybe someone is listening, but sees the dangers in immediate manifestation and prefers to get you in order first so that when the time comes you can handle the responsibility and all that comes with owning a car.

So, instead of driving your beautiful sleek car that you envision, life becomes more challenging and complicated. Unbeknownst to you, these are the challenges that make you ready for the correct car at the correct time. You become frustrated that “nothing is happening” and your mood swings run from ranting and raving to feeling sorry for yourself.

All the while, your Oversoul and God-Mind are doing everything in their power to get you to the point where you can have your car. But because you did not recognize these steps to getting there, you feel let down and denied. The linear logic of your mind already sets up the path of how and when your car is arriving. Since this is not happening, obviously something is wrong—with you, the system, your Oversoul/God-Mind connections, etc. Frustration builds and eventually you give up.

Once you give up and stop trying to direct the action, your Oversoul and God-Mind can work more quickly and efficiently. You may still see the challenges as overwhelming and defeating. You may choose to beat yourself up, or you may greet the challenges as you conclude that you have no choice anyway.

God-Mind is much too vast for anyone to grasp Its workings in Its entirety, yet people often feel frustrated with themselves for not understanding. Why is that? Accept the fact that God-Mind has an entirely different set of logic than the system in which you are trained.

Release your linear logic, and embrace your True Nature of multidimensional God-Mind logic. Understand that you may not always understand the why’s and how’s of your life until the event is complete and you are able to look back, study, and release. This is how you remember and re-embrace your multidimensional self—through experiential learning. How can one really teach you about something that you must experience?

If you have closed yourself off to your True Nature, then your True Nature must be re-opened, and re-learned, or re-membered so that you can get back into the True Nature of Self. You can learn to look, plan, and dream beyond linear logic. You can visualize “wild and crazy” scenarios without limitations and then allow them to happen rather than squeeze them out by trying to force a linear, logical series of events your way.

Remember, you can force your way, but that does not mean this brings the best results. By doing so you squeeze out what your Oversoul and God-Mind have planned for you. Your proactive participation in your multidimensional self allows for the macrocosm to become more fully functional in Its way once again. Why set your life up so that It must fight you to give you what you want? How crazy of a system is this that you have studied and accepted?

God-Mind Logic is definitely not linear logic; God-Mind contains linear logic, but also contains a multitude of other kinds of logic that are an important part of the functioning of all realities – including your current one!

Lightworkers Forum / The Blue Star Children
« on: May 10, 2009, 10:37:26 AM »

I believe that although the main influx of Indigo children came in around 20-25 years ago, there were those who came before them to lay the path - the early
Indigos. These souls found life difficult, were often placed in difficult family situations, were often seen as odd or different because basically, they were. Many of them still struggle with life circumstances today - many more of them didnt make it through to today- the suicide rate for early Indigos is high.


The crystal children are still finding their way- many diagonsed as autistic- they are in reality, super dooper sensitive to our world, energies, senses, foods, toxins etc..... they are incredibly psychic & aware of , what to us, is the unseen world.

The Blue Star Children

There are many differing theories on the kids being born now. This is mine and is based on the messages I have received from Lord Michael. The children born between the years of 2000 and 2010 are what Michael refers to as the \"blue star children.\" These children are a mixture of old souls and of brand new souls, bought forward to inhabit the earth at this time. Although the new souls would normally start with a \'clean slate\' ( for want of a better term), these children differ in that they are born with a level of knowing quite accelerated and unseen before in this earth history. They are born at a level that in past times would have taken many incarnations to achieve- basically, all kids born between 2000-10, are born spiritually, psychically and intuitivly advanced. The children born at this time, who have infact, \'been here before\' are born retaining past life knowledge and wisdom of lessons learnt. They retain this knowledge up until the age of 6 years when the \'amnesia\' effect (that is usually applied at birth ) starts to kick in.

Ok.....with me so far...............?

In a nutshell ( as opposed to a NUTHOUSE, where Marc thinks I should be)- what we have coming through now are an extremely psychic and advanced line of children. This applies to all children born in the period of 2000-10 regardless of new soul or returning soul- if you have a child born within this period, they will definetley be one of the blue star children.

When I questioned the \'blue star\' aspect, I was told that all souls entering the earth realm between 2000-10 were \' marked\' while still on high ( in the soul state) with a blue 5 pointed star( pentacle) in the place of their brow/ 3rd eye chakra. This is symbolic of their connection with the Divine and also their connection with the earth and her elements. The blue is in fact, the colour of Lord Michael and his healing rays and because at this time in the earths evolution, Lord Michael is seen as the leader of the archangel heirachy- these children are working for Him, with Him and through Him and his place on the 1st ray.

Not surprisingly, the \'blue star\' children resonate to blue. Ideally, they would love to be surrounded by shades of blue and will be pulled towards the colour at all times, it calms them, heals them and connects them. Blue crystals - angelite, blue lace agate etc are ideal placed in the sleeping areas of these children.

They will be articulate children in words and precise in deeds. Being as they are,children of Lord Michael\'s realm, his association with the throat chakra and communication - (again , blue) will be very obvious. Illnesses relating to chest and throat will be seen in blue star children when they are feeling \'overwhelmed\' with life.

These kids are able to pick up a rock and hear its soul- touch a tree and feel its pain- stand at the ocean and understand the message of the tides. Their closeness with animals and plants comes from the knowledge they carry within them, the truth, that there is NO difference between human/animal/plant/mineral realms and that in truth, all are one. These are highly enlightened kids and with their special gifts and personality traits comes special needs and responsibilities for their parents and caregivers.

It is by no chance or co incidence ( is anything ?) that these children have been born at this time to these parents. In truth, the parents of the \'blue star\' children were especially selected to be born when they were so as to be the parents of these special kids. I would imagine this has also been the case for the indigo\'s and crystals before them. Again, it is also by no chance that wonderful early learning schools such as Motasorri and Steiner have become so very popular in the last 5-10 year periods- these schools and the environment they provide for children are based in the foundations of allowing children to \'evolve\' rather than to be \'educated.\' The work of these establishments and of the people who founded and guide them is overseen by guidance from on high. Basically, if you are the parent of a blue star, you will know what I am talking about here. You have been selected as being a parent who can guide and love but who can also allow true growth and _expression.
It is expected that you are more open to things of a spiritual nature than say, your own parents were.

You can expect your children to be bright, sensitive, articualte, precise yet very, very deep and profound. They are open to things at different levels to what we are, so dont be surprised at the amount of imaginary friends and deceased relatives that will show up for dinner.

Your children, like all kids will challenge you and your ideas, thoughts and beliefs. Believe in them- open your mind to them and their words. They possess \'wisdom\' that is obvious from the first moment of life and by the time they reach puberty, in many cases will be equal to you in intellegence and understanding of the world. Most probably, they will surpass you on spiritual and psychic levels. They are natural earth healers, being able to lay hands on anything at all and impart healing energies. They are drawn to people or animals in pain and will \'touch\' to take away pain. Basically, they are born to heal on all levels.

The other side of all this I guess is the fact that these kids are sensitive to harshness on all levels - bright lights, preservatives, loud noise, cruelty, anger, extremes of climate and temperature amongst other things. Food/feeding can cause headaches for all concerned. Allow them to eat when hungry where possible. Their reaction to harshness is to withdraw- to pull their powers inwards to the centre. Illness is also a reaction to unease in their enviromant. Throat and chest illness seems to dominate.

One main thing I have noticed is that the \'new souls\' of the \'blue stars\' are ACTIVE little creatures !! It is very obvious that the earth environment and physical incarnation is new to them and this makes it a very exciting place to be. Expect a child who wants to touch, climb, sample, hear, feel, taste everything he/she can get their hands on- a real little dare devil seeking to experience all life has to offer. Get the bandaids ready! Remember your first time in a new exciting situation? This is life for the new souls in the blue star kids.

The reincarnated \'blue stars\' are more reserved and having experienced physical reality before, will be less likely to be found swinging from the light fittings in the lounge room. ( been there, done that!) I am of course, open to questions on this subject- PLEASE keep in mind that I am only a Messenger relaying to you what information I am given from my Divine Guides. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

I leave you with love & blue light,:)

Elizabeth Ballico ( Raihn) 06/08/2006

Elizabeth Ballico ( Raihn) * Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia * * * * Rose Cottage Website: *

Lightworkers Forum / The Blue Star Children
« on: May 10, 2009, 10:34:17 AM »
Before I commence:
The information I have written below is based on messages I have received from Archangel Michael over the last year. He seeks to enlighten by making us aware of the changes happening in our world at this moment in time. He seeks to create a greater understanding of the Children being born into our world at this time. I have been told that children born in the years 2011 and 2012 are different again- they will be similar to the Crystal Children in many ways and will resonate to the rainbow spectrum as contained in the colour white. In addition to Michael\'s wisdom, I have been and am currently conducting my own research into the \'blue stars\' and as a part of this would dearly love constructive feedback - particularly if this resonates to you and your child or grandchild.

PLEASE let me know of other aspects I may have missed! I am open to questions and will answer where I can. As with ALL spiritual guidance - keep an open mind, take what you need and leave what you don\'t. I only wish to share.

Lightworkers Forum / ARE YOU AN ADULT INDIGO?
« on: May 10, 2009, 10:28:05 AM »
yes am almost 90% ADULT INDIGO

this is useful post
many women who think they are modern are actually outdated

90% working women use this and they think its normal
many using this since 5-10 yrs are now suffering from arthiritis, weak bones, excess fat, bad blood and constipation

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