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thanks Omkar

in this case what is alternative jobs or works to earn a living???

how will be my personel life??
thanks and regards for answering.

sir/ madam

are you trying to tell me that due to my planetary positions i will never a proper work atmosphere. i am glad you told me this and it also is a fact to a larger extent.

i thought that rahu maha dasa was good to me after the initial bad years...

can you please throw some light on this...

how will be my personel finances and other activities..


my DoB is 08/08/1967 @ 8.15am in andhra pradesh.

for last 2 years i am having stressfull jobs, my superiors and me are always on wrong foot either of my mistake or theirs, but i am getting the stick... iam trybing harder everytime but ends up doing silly mistakes which is taking its toll on me...

any remedy for this..
thanks and regards

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