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Horoscope and fate of Telugu Desam Party yes. Telugu Desam Party sounds 60, 6(venus) is good
and TDP sounds 16, 1+6=7(ketu) which is bad

March 01, 2011, 04:02:50 PM
what is rudrabhishek? and how its done? Newmoon is correct word .
it means amavasya

July 01, 2011, 09:40:56 PM
India's political predictions for 2011 Below is a photo from a Swiss Magazine Schweizer Illustriertein (November 1991) – it shows the top holders of Swiss bank accounts at the time.

Rajiv appears in the august company of other dictators like Saddam Hussein, Suharto of Indonesia, etc. The text below Rajiv’s photo reads: Rajiv Gandhi, Indian, Holds 2.5 billion Swiss Francs (eq. to 13,200 Crores in 1991).

Till date, the Congress party has never refuted/spoken about these allegations.

These are our great leaders on whose birth & death anniversaries the government uses the tax payers’ money to lavishly advertise their so-called ‘achievements’ in all national newspapers and name airports, highways, etc. built by our money on their names! (When counted in the mid-2007, only the Government of A.P. had a total of 17 developmental and business schemes and projects and infrastructure in the name of Rajiv Gandhi.)

The secret behind sonia gandhi\'s health problem and surgery is that, MP subrahmanya swami got proofs of sonia\'s secret swiss accounts and wanted to get her prosecuted.
So, she landed in zurich secretly to change her account numbers and names.
That is why even maran was out of country since same date as sonia

August 27, 2011, 06:07:29 AM
euro 2012 Monday, June 11 matches :

18:00   7   Donbass Arena, Donetsk   Group D   France VS England

England (united Kingdom) formed on 1st january 1801, 00:00 HRS, london, UK.
Its ruling planets are mercury and jupiter.

for france, i couldnt get is independence date/time as no specific date is mentioned.

at start of match,, donetsk 19:00 (1 hr ahead of poland) 48\'0\" N 38.8\"E
moon\'s sublord venus is retrograde and should make match boring and slow.
match starts in rahu sub-sub and ends in mercury sub-sub, so end result can be in favor of england or it should be a boring draw.

20:45   8   Olympic Stadium, Kiev   Ukraine VS Sweden

can anyone try on this match ?
match muhurta chart indicates the hometeam Ukarain as the winner

June 11, 2012, 07:18:33 PM
euro 2012 tonight moon\'s transit is completely in favor of spain.
sun,moon,mars,jupiter,saturn,rahu are totally in favor of spain
venus, ketu, mercury are neutral.
no single planet is favoring italy only.

so Spain should win uefa 2012 tournament.
usually if regular time ends in sub of a Rx planet, match can go into extended time.
tonight no planet is Rx, but since match ends in venus sub and venus is conjunct ketu and aspected by rahu, there is slim chance of extended time

July 01, 2012, 10:03:42 PM
Will indian cricket team regain its lost supremacy? 12 yrs back when jupiter was in aries and taurus, indian team struggled even in home series
1999-2000 period was bad, as sachin failed again as captain and india lost home test series to south africa.
only after jupiter entered gemini , team started performing better
i see similar results in present and future

India will perform better against aussies as majority planets transit 10th and 11th houses during feb/march 2013

January 22, 2013, 12:42:37 PM
Why no personal/paid readings offered here It was explained many times in many posts but yeah, its better to have a seperate topic for this issue.
I personally feel that forums like these should be for learning and interacting purpose but not for getting free readings to a serious personal problem or just waste an astrologer's time for your fun
Rest is upto other senior members advice and admin's thought

March 17, 2013, 08:48:03 AM
India's political predictions India's moon dasa from 2015 will not be smooth as expected.
Because its moon is conjunct saturn,sun,mercury and venus in same sign.
moon is not a self illuminating planet and bends more towards behavior of its conjunct planets.
Especially if moon+saturn are in same house, it causes terrorism or internal revolts from different states against delhi.
India will witness wars (atleast 1 major war or multiple small wars due to moon on saturn star & sub)

March 28, 2013, 02:44:51 AM
Ancient Indian knowledge VS Modern Western Knowledge Anicent indians knew about velocity of light thousands of years back while western scientists discovered it in last century.
The terms atom, pre-atomic stage of electrons, neutrons and protons etc were discussed way back in vedic time

March 30, 2013, 10:05:10 AM
Mahendra Singh Dhoni Horoscope and Future Analysis dhoni's horoscope is strong enough to cover these allegations
he will continue till 2015 WC and that company will prove that dhoni has no more shares or whatever

all the IPL scam etc happened because of planet that demands justice (jupiter) about to leave india's ascendant between may-june.
other planets like mars, merc, venus, sun influenced taurus in may (read astro predictions in main site which mentions dates) and IPL scam was revealed at that time

June 05, 2013, 01:24:31 PM