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Birth numbers and LOVE capability
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The guiding and refining science, describes in detail about the characteristics of persons governed by different numbers and their effect on relationships.

Number 1

Him: Generous and Homely
If your man is born on 1st, 10th, 19th & 28 th , he is considered to generous and desires his wife to be popular in the society. He wants is family members to act according to his will and does not tolerate anyone flouting his words. He loves home life and love to spend most of his time at home. He is an emotional person and a dreamer. He desires to have a wife with a very attractive personality, charming manners and intelligence.

Her: Intelligent and dignified
Those whose wives are born on 1 st , 10 th , 19 th and 28 th she is a good companion to her husband. She is intelligent. Her home is a social center. She is friendly in manners, aristocratic by her dignity and attracts people at her home and commands great respect. Her interests are wide. She takes interest in the business of her husband. She pays great attention to the welfare of her husband and children.

Ideal gift
Present your valentine a white or yellow-coloured gift to improve the relationship. A regal item is fitting for your valentine. Gift your partner gold ring which will attractive them the most. Items to crown or wear in the hair are always a good bet.

Number 2

Him : Critical and Passionate
Number 2 is the symbol of dualism in everything. As a result, it has been experienced that husbands born on 2nd, 11th, 20th & 29th are of different characters. The first type is domineering and critical. Nothing satisfies him easily. He wants everything to be given to him without asking for it. And the second type is not very active in social matters. His main concern in life is money. He has a love and attraction for the home, and likes the company of children. He loves to have his wife with a better personality than what he has.

Her: Sympathetic and sensitive
Wives born on 2nd, 11th, 20th & 29 th are sympathetic and affectionate. She is satisfied with anything her husband provides her with. However, she is moody, changeable and very sensitive. She is very friendly and has a feeling of comfort. She decorates her home in a luxurious way. She is very patient and adjusts to circumstances with ease.

Ideal Gift
If your wife is a homemaker gift her some home products, kitchen goods that will make them the happiest. Yellow or pink coloured gifts will improve your relationship.

Number 3

Him: Loving and Caring
Husband born on 3rd, 12th, 21st & 30th will love to have an attractive and intelligent wife. He is very loving and caring by nature. He generally marries a girl above his economic status. He is attracted to beauty, and chooses a very beautiful wife. He desires a wife who cannot only be his life partner, but also his best friend.

Her: Easy going and Efficient
Wives born on the same date are the best companions to their husbands. She is efficient in housekeeping, very sympathetic and caring towards her children. She is better adapted to family life. She likes a luxurious life and desires her home to be heavenly beautiful. She is devoted, kind, sympathetic and easy going.

Ideal Gift
Flowers, books and writing accessories are the best to gift. Pink or purple-coloured gifts will be ideal for your dear ones.

Number 4

Him: Witty and Intelligent
Husband born on 4th, 13th, 22nd & 31st are witty, intelligent and expect wives to share their views. They are domineering. They want the home to be run as per their ideas. They are kind and loving. But they are always critical of everything and this could create tension in the family.

Her: Smart and strong-willed
If your wife is born on 4th, 13th, 22nd & 31 st than they are smart and attractive. They have a strong will power. They dress very lavishly. They are dominating and always restless. They love their homes, but are not attached to it very much.

Ideal Gift
Gift your partner books, candies or delicious food. Yellow, golden or brown coloured gifts are the ones meant for your partner.

Number 5

Him: Homely and Caring
Those born on 5th, 14th & 23rd will select a wife of his own choice. He expects her to be an ideal wife. He is very cautious about the dressing sense of his wife. He loves his children and is fond of home. He is liberal in spending on clothes and riches. He furnishes his house with elegant taste.

Her: Best companion and Friendly
If your wife is born on the same date than she is a best companion. She is intelligent and friendly. Her interests are wide. She pays full attention to the welfare of her husband and children. She engages in many activities and has interests at home as well as outside, which she manages well.

Ideal Gift
Those born on 5th, 14th & 23rd are crazy for gadgets. Cell phone accessories, computer make them happiest. Any light blue or green coloured gifts will keep the relationship rocking.

Number 6

Him: Generous and Devoted
If your husband is born on 6th, 15th & 24 th than he expects his partner to be very charming and graceful. He loves his children and home. He is very kind, generous and devoted. Art is everything to him. He desires to have wife whom he can be proud of.

Her: Perfect homemaker and loving wife
If your wife is born on 6th, 15th or 24 th then she is a devoted mother and a loving wife. She loves domestic life and is a perfect homemaker. She is a fine companion, intelligent and kind-hearted. She makes others jealous by her behaviour. She endures extreme hardships for the sake of her husband.

Ideal Gift
The best valentine gift you can present on a valentine day is soft blankets, shirts and scarves. Luxury items also top the list. Any white, pink or blue-coloured gift will floor your valentine.

Number 7

Him: Emotional and Suspicious
Those born on 7th, 16th & 25 th are very emotional but understand the feeling of their wife. He is liberal, and fond of traveling. Usually he is suspicious about his wife. He is critical about everything and that creates family tensions. He is a spendthrift and likes to live lavishly.

Her: Moody and Dissatisfied
If your wife is born on the same date, she is always moody. Her behaviour is unpredictable. She gets disturbed over trivial matters and becomes restless. She expects her husband to take good care of her but always finds herself dissatisfied. She loves to be alone.

Ideal Gift
Unique items that may not be costly but made with creativity top as the best gifts for people born on 7th, 16th & 25 th . Ensure that magenta, orange or white coloured gifts are presented.

Number 8

Him: O rthodox and Moody
If your husband is born on 8th, 17th & 26 th then he is not much attracted to girls. He prefers to be alone. He will often make his married life miserable. He is very orthodox and dislikes modern ideas and modern dresses for his wife. If he wants a happy married life, he should select a wife who would like to devote herself to his philosophy.

Her: Systematic and Homely
If your wife is born on 8th, 17th & 26 th then she has a masculine personality. She is systematic, enjoys family life and likes to make sacrifices for her children and husband. She lacks feminine warmth, and sentiments.

Ideal Gift
Gift your partner something unexpected. But make sure you don\'t go against their choices. Clothes and gadgets are among the most favorites. Blue or black-coloured gifts will improve relationship.

Number 9

Him: Suspicious and Homely
If your husband is born on 9th, 18th & 27th then he is fond of a good-looking wife, family and children. He lives in a peaceful house. He is often suspicious of his wife.

Her: Witty and Clever
If your wife is born on 9th, 18th & 27th than she is a witty and clever conversationalist. She is a very ambitious person and takes active part in business matters.

Ideal Gift
If you are thinking of clothing, pick something in red color. Anything made of metal and sharp objects fascinates them. Collectible swords or pocketknives are nice gifts. Present red or maroon coloured gifts to your dear ones.


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Birth numbers and LOVE capability
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Birth numbers and LOVE capability
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females born on 6 date seems to be the best


Birth numbers and LOVE capability
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males born on 7 and 8 are worst :grind:


Birth numbers and LOVE capability
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How good a lover are you? Adventurous. Passionate. Or Caring? To know about how well you gel with your love, read what your Birth Number reveals.!
Date of Birth
Birth Number
1st, 10th, 19th, 28th    1
2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th    2
3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th    3
4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st    4
5th, 14th, 23rd    5
6th, 15th, 24th    6
7th, 16th, 25th    7
8th, 17th, 26th    8
9th, 18th, 27th    9

Birth Number 1:
You are single-minded in ways of achieving satisfaction. Even though you’re always on the lookout for making your love life interesting, love is like a conquest for you. It gives you a kick to either conquer your lover or just succumb to your partner’s passions.

Straightforward sex with no messing around is your idea of making love. You must learn to make love while making your partner happy too.
Tips: Present white or yellow-coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve the relationship.

Birth Number 2:
You like to plan everything in advance and would like to know what, where, when and how you’ll make love. As a lover you’re very caring, pleasing and considerate. Foreplay for you means a lot of kisses and hugs, as you need to feel nurtured and protected. You make a fairly sensual love partner!
Tips: Present yellow or pink-coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve the relationship.

Birth Number 3:
You ooze over-confidence and this makes your lover feel good with you. As you’re quite uninhibited in love, you might make your lover blush. Your sense of humour and light-heartedness helps in removing your partner’s insecurities. In foreplay, you may like to play hide-and-seek games and adopt funny positions. Inventing ingenious ideas and being spontaneous is a must for you to keep your sex life alive and kicking. You can be nominated for the best lover award!
Tips: Present pink or purple-coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve the relationship.

Birth Number 4:
You often feel that your love life is a struggle and try to put a lot of effort to make it work. You take time to understand the passions of your partner and often delay love-making a lot. Befriending your partner forms an important part of the ‘love-making’ package. Your passions may not be aroused unless you feel secure about it. But once this is attained, you would like to take it head on and satisfy your lover many times over. Foreplay, for you means tried and tested ways to get turned on. Be less sophisticated and more passionate!
Tips: Present yellow, golden or brown-coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve the relationship.

Birth Number 5:
You are adventurous and fond of constant thrills and excitement in real life. And that’s what you’re in your love life too. You like to try out all kinds of available varieties to let your relationship prosper. As you relish spontananeity, you don’t like lovers who are slow and fixed in method and attitude. Sexually, new places and positions keep you mentally and physically pleased. Foreplay for you means creating an environment or even buying sensuous foods and sexy lingerie to arouse you. You start feeling bottled if your lover cannot provide constant variety. Even though change is the only constant thing in life you must avoid frequent changes that might trouble your mate.
Tips: Present light blue or green-coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve the relationship.

Birth Number 6:
Romance, love and carnal desire don’t mean different things to you. Sensuous music, aromatic candles, subtle light settings create the perfect atmosphere to fan your flames of love. Even though style and comfort are important for you, equally vital is the indulgence of carnal desires with your lover. Long sessions of foreplay form a very significant part of the love-making plan. Kissing is one of your greatest pleasures, and you purr with excitement as you’re kissed from head to toe. You are a slow and steady fellow and are sure to win in the game of love-making.
Tips: Present white, pink or blue-coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve the relationship.

Birth Number 7:
You are dreamy, imaginative and romantic, when in love. You are sensitive and look for love that connects you both spiritually and emotionally. Being philosophical, most of you develop a sense of detachment that may result in having part-time lovers who come and go, giving you space. Foreplay is rare for you. You follow your sexual urges and let them lead you to the act. Many times you have a detached and clinical approach to sex. You must feel free to express your passions.
Tips: Present magenta, orange or white-coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve the relationship.

Birth Number 8:
You’re an enigmatic lover. You’re either very active or totally passive. Love to you is a power game very often and you would like to have a sub-conscious control over your lover. Due to your paradoxical nature, you either like seducing or love to be seduced. You’re open to try any method in foreplay, in fact anything that could fire you up. As satisfaction is the ultimate aim, you may go on all night to get exactly what you want! Keep it up.
Tips: Present blue or black-coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve the relationship.

Birth Number 9:
You’re an explosive lover - the passionate one. Even though you like it really hot, you’re generous enough to fulfill your lover’s demands. Foreplay to you means creating an erotic ambience which turns you on, talking provocative words and making plenty of eye contact. You plan like a manager and discuss like a student with your lover, strategies you’re going to use during your love-making sessions. You make a very sophisticated lover.
Tips: Present red or maroon-coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve the relationship.


Birth numbers and LOVE capability
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Some of the characters can match any of us. For example for number 8, it is mentioned as \'you either like seducing or love to be seduced\'. There wont be anything else. All of us either want to seduce or to be seduced. May be some of the aspect may match with the number. But not all characters.


Birth numbers and LOVE capability
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This is really nice. It matches my nature and also for all my known circle. A very simple but straight prediction of characteristics.

Good work! Keep it up!!
Thanks & Regards,

Whoever you are & whatever you do, if your attitude is not good you are just 'Nothing'.

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Birth numbers and LOVE capability
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Birth numbers and LOVE capability
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none of these characteristics matched me or my husband.. i went on to see other ppl\'s dates to compare.. none matched .. :no: <--- (this smiley is saying, no mandira, no no no no!) :lol:

a lil glad though.. we\'re not described very well according to those numbers.. lol!


Birth numbers and LOVE capability
« Reply #7 on: May 04, 2011, 12:17:53 PM »
numerology is not a science which gives 100% results.
It can only be applied in conjuction with astrology.

infact no branch of astro like palmistry, numerology, vaastu etc can give accurate results like astro itself


Birth numbers and LOVE capability
« Reply #8 on: May 18, 2011, 03:44:18 PM »
We can\'t compare Vaastu and Numerology with Astrology. Palmistry can be compared with Astrology. With palmistry, we can know the immediate future well and the general future as an overview. But Astrology is the most accurate Shastra available to predict one\'s future.

Vaastu and Numerology are just supports of Astrology. Astrology determines what is there in store for us. Numerology and Vaastu determines how much we\'ll be getting from whatever we\'ve got in store. Hence we should use them as support systems to Astrology.


Birth numbers and LOVE capability
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all other sciences are limited when compared to astrology.
one of my friends had fire accident during diwali and his palm burned.
since we cant get similar skin anywhere in body, doctors replaced his palm skin with thigh skin.

now he doesnt have lines. his palm is of same color as rest of hand

how will a palmist read his future?

in astro, even if you dont have any birth info, you can ask a question and try horary chart.
you can predict cricket matches without even knowing names of players.
can predict elections results, natural calamities, future of a person, family, place, state, country and the world too

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