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Numerology predictions for 2014 applicable to everyone, based on their Fadic or Destiny Numbers (NOT Birth Dates).
2014 will be successful for all business people who are ready to sacrifice personal time for achievements in the field of career, business and education.

To know your predictions for 2014, calculate your Fadic or Destiny Number first

Example : If you are born on 28-december-1979
Add 2+8+1+2+1+9+7+9 =  39.
Deduce it to single number : 3+9 = 12
1+2 =3
So, your fadic or destinity number is 3.

2014 has total of 2+0+1+4 = 7

Now add your fadic number to the year's total number and deduce it to single number.
3+7 = 10
1+0 = 1

Now check results for number 1 below :-


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2014 Numerology Predictions for Number 1 & 2
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2013, 09:06:53 PM »
Number 1 : For you, this is a very good year, when all things will go quickly and efficiently. You will be focused and purposeful. It is worth paying attention to the implementation of social life. You can count on the rise through the ranks, especially in the autumn and winter of 2014. Establishing relations with the leadership, and it will help achieve this. But in his personal life is worth more to you to compromise. Perhaps you shown edification in communicating with loved ones and family members. Try not to put pressure on others. Remember, sometimes it’s better to methodically explain what to demand. This is especially true of communication with children. Lonely Hearts in 2014 can expect an interesting and promising friendship. You have a high probability of early office romance. After all, you will be so immersed in work and career, even personal life can not be separated from the work. The fate smile upon you in 2014 and will present many surprises.

Number 2 : 2014 is the year of strength, patience and endurance. You can even feel the change in his character. You will become more active, more confident and ready to go ahead. This will help you not only in work and business, but also in his personal life. Sometimes you tend to be over-softness, in 2014, the same year, these traits will not hinder your progress. The horse will give you swiftness in solving problems. And the difficulty is not particularly forthcoming. In February, you may want to start their own businesses. Take your time, wait until the August and September. This will be the most favorable time for business, and for a career change. In his personal life, assertiveness can help as well. Especially if you have been experiencing a sense of undivided. The object suddenly longing respond to your feelings. Most likely, you just decide to build a loving relationship again and meet someone who will blaze to you as much as you do. Just do not forget about the members of his family, because of the large flow of information and cases, you may not quite enough time to home and family. Sometimes try to cut out a free evening to be together with people in the household. For you in 2014 – a year of change and radical fateful events.


2014 Numerology Predictions for Number 3 & 4
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2013, 09:08:26 PM »
Number 3 : In 2014, you need more patience and perseverance. You’ll be a lot of work and careers, improve their skills, obtain additional education. And then it will bring you good dividends. Do not expect quick results and an early solution to the authorities, and business partners. In the first half of the year, you will lay the foundation, but in the second half of 2014 will already be able to reap the rewards of their efforts. Any promises ambulance arrived, the results improve on the position should not be taken seriously. In personal life, try to keep the already established relationship. You may be tempted to give up everything, to burn all the bridges. But it is rather a reluctance to build right relationships and cope with problems. Remember, there is no smooth relationship without problems, often have to face difficulties. But it should not alienate your most cherished dreams. For you in 2014 – the year of endurance, patience and concentration.

Number 4 : In 2014, you should be more focused on themselves and the issues related to your health. It is likely that remind yourself of the old problems that will have to decide quickly. This is especially true of the first half of 2014. So try to release as much time just for yourself. Remember that taking care of your body as a physical and energy – it is also an important work and the success of all other companies. The more that 2014 promises you a lot of new romantic interests. Note the familiarity that will happen in May 2014, they will have good prospects. New love is almost next to you have to wait for that fateful meeting. Married people in 2014 is to be more attentive to their partners. There is a chance ties on the side, because the Year of the Horse – it’s also a year of passion, and she can suddenly boil in each of us.
For you in 2014 – the year that you want to dedicate yourself.


2014 Numerology Predictions for Number 5 & 6
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2013, 09:40:16 PM »
Number 5 : For you, 2014 will be a very successful and promising. For you are great opportunities to work, business and personal life. Beginning of the year can be quite successful from a financial point of view, if you become refuse incoming offers part-time work. The work will be active springtime, when you can deal with the opposition leadership and find a way to reach career peaks, will be able to come to the decisions that have long been delayed, to resolve old problems, the order you bored. Particularly favorable outlook summer months. Fire element of the summer you will recharge forces and positive mood. The atmosphere in the family and the house is friendly. Pay attention to the March-April, it is likely that at this time emotions will go off-scale and fervor. May appear to disagree with someone you love. Try to calm the emotions and then you quietly and smoothly pass the stressful stage. For you in 2014 – the year of solution of the most important problems.

Number 6 : In 2014, you will be active, energetic, full of energy and desire. You will be able to do the embodiment of a life long conceived plans and ideas. Passivity and inertia counter, try not to sit still, act, and your initiative will be rewarded. A love relationship in 2014 can upgrade to a new stage of development. You might even decide to enter into a formal marriage, especially if you have been dreaming about it. After all, in 2014, you can realize all your fondest dreams. But, in the period from May to July, there is a possibility of a choice. It is possible that new feelings overwhelm you and before you will be a dilemma, to preserve a customary union, or to plunge into a new, passionate relationship. Questions and career education is better to begin to deal with the February 2014. You will have the opportunity to not only raise the level of material wealth, but also to participate in a new promising project. Tempting offer may come in early May. If you are engaged in private business, you have the opportunity to meet new and profitable partner or investor. For you in 2014 – the year of activity and career achievements.


2014 Numerology Predictions for Number 7 & 8
« Reply #4 on: December 30, 2013, 09:41:39 PM »
Number 7 : For you in 2014 – the time of maximum communication and communication. You will be able to negotiate with anyone about anything, and on favorable terms. You should pay attention to all whose professional activity is connected with the negotiations and conversations. Highly favorable year for the purchase and sale of real estate. Mobility, energy and communication skills – this is your distinctive features in 2014. Beginning of the year can be very beneficial for those who are in long-term romantic unions. You will be able to put an end to the long-standing dispute, and poison your relationship. The heyday of his personal life falls on the spring. You can capture a new wave of romance. A lonely heart can finally find your soul mate, and part with the bachelor lifestyle. High probability of life “from scratch” and break all the old ties and encumbering relationships. For you in 2014 – the year of communication and establish new, forward-looking relations.

Number 8 : Since the beginning of 2014 you will be given a boost with new, revolutionary ideas, which in the near future you will try to implement. But do not look for easy ways to solve problems, take your time. Weigh the pros and cons and thorough approach to implementation of new projects to life. Global challenges in 2014 is not expected, but remember that everything should be solved quickly and mobile. 2014 – a very active when it is necessary to act quickly, and not to sit back and reflect. This is especially true professional sphere. At the beginning of July for you to begin a favorable period for a career change. Can do a very good offer. Do not pull a long time to answer, just make up your mind beneficial for you or not. But in his personal life should not act hastily. Even if you really want to have an affair with the unfamiliar person, try not to succumb to the momentary passion. Consider how much you need it and it does not hurt your permanent relationship. If you are fully confident in yourself, feel free to proceed.
For you in 2014 – the year of the new cases and projects.


2014 Numerology Predictions for Number 9
« Reply #5 on: December 30, 2013, 09:42:41 PM »
Number 9 : For you, 2014 will be the most favorable for the rest of your life. However, this does not mean that you all will be going to hand. We’ll have to do some fighting for their place under the sun. But in this case, you will have not only the strength and desire to fight, but you will still accompany a grand success, if you boldly and actively take up the matter. Year, in the first instance, promises professional achievements and career growth. Some of your colleagues who have been already building intrigues against you, in the beginning of February can make itself felt, but you do print “on clean water”. So not only can you find out the enemy in the face, but to overcome it, knowing his weaknesses. In the spring you can charge to do a very important job. Try to do everything with maximum dedication, because this will depend on your future career. If you want to change jobs, it is better to plan for the autumn. That’s when you offer the ability to upgrade. It is also the most favorable period for self-learning and training. Personal life in 2014 will be stable, your family – your rear and support. You can safely throw all the forces at work and career, as you do not have to be distracted by personal problems. If you have not found your happiness in the summer you should go on a journey where there is a chance to meet her fate. For you in 2014 – the year of overcoming tremendous career success and vital dating.

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Numerology 2014 Forecast and Predictions for all Birth Numbers
« Reply #6 on: December 30, 2013, 09:50:13 PM »
If your birth date in any month or year is 31, then 3+1=4 and you are number 4.

Forecast for 2014, based on your Birth Number

Number 1 Your key to success in 2014 – is patience and hard work. Year can bring a lot of positive emotions and happy days. Luck will be on the side of those who will actively implement its long- matured plans. And for new beginnings and change in 2014 – the most favorable period. It is better to do what has long been postponed indefinitely. Do not forget about your family and loved ones. They can help in a difficult time and support you.

Number 2 This year will bring you a big change. Numerological horoscope for 2014 promises you a lot of pleasant surprises and positive changes in all spheres of life. Importantly, do not be afraid to take risks and go confidently along the road you select.

Number 3 In 2014, you can visit the weariness of the life that you lead. This will be an opportunity to make a difference. If you see the cause of dissatisfaction in life only in himself, be just a break from that so annoying.

Number 4 numerological horoscope for 2014 points to new opportunities and the rise of energy. This is a good period for travel, changes of work and residence. Luck is waiting on the love front. In addition, you will have the chance to come to grips with them, personal and spiritual growth, their health and development.

Number 5 In 2014, you will find financial success and career take off. Furthermore, before you open the prospects for further growth. You are likely to find common ground with those who constantly have conflicts. In the privacy of anticipated stability and harmony.


Numerology 2014 Forecast and Predictions for all Birth Numbers
« Reply #7 on: December 30, 2013, 09:50:33 PM »

Number 6 If you went this number, it means that one of your life cycles come to an end. Number six says that you should get rid of all debts, to complete what it is time to bring to an end and to analyze their past life. 2014 also successful for the construction of new plans and the implementation of new ideas. All goes well, when you consider his past mistakes and will not step on the same rake.

Number 7 2014 will bring good luck to those who will actively pursue their goals. Particular success is expected on the love front. If you have a wedding this year, then the relationship will be strong and long. Year will be rich in bright positive events that will charge you with energy for new achievements and victories.

Number 8 2014 – time to let go of the situation and just go with the flow. This year will not be so bad: you will have the opportunity to rest, relax and let the circumstances to control the situation. From this you will not suffer, but rather a lot to gain. Also good year to landscape your home and start farming.

Number 9 Numerological horoscope for 2014 predicts an active period in life when you will be able to realize all our plans. However, in order to make the year proved to be really productive, you must, above all, the right to place their priorities. Great value in 2014 to play your personal preferences, desires and dreams. It is recommended to undertake the work that you like, it may bring money, success and recognition.


FREE 2014 Numerology Predictions (based on Fadic or Destiny Numbers)
« Reply #8 on: February 11, 2014, 08:55:46 PM »
so far.. good predictions.
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