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FREE Numerology Predictions for 2012 (based on fadic numbers)
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Free Numerology predictions for 2012 applicable to everyone, based on their fadic numbers.(not birth dates)

How to find your fadic number : if you are born on 10th june 1983, 1+0+6+1+9+8+3 = 28
2+8 = 10
1+0 = 1

so your fadic number is 1.

according to this, find your fadic number and check predictions for the year 2012 :

fadic number 1 : The energy from the one vibration that surrounds you will encourage you to step forward towards the actions you want to take, and the goals you want to fulfill. Good year for career, new opportunities will come, new ideas will be implemented, increment in self confidence, new contacts will be formed and you will be independent in taking your own decisions. Financial gains would be there. New business venture can take place. While travelling there are chances to meet someone. Sudden changes can take place for the betterment. In terms of health issues, head and back needs to be taken care of, nervous tensions can take place.

Career: According to the prediction 2012, this year brings more pragmatic kind of situations in your life and you will be free from the false and fake illusion. Ultimately, your conscious will lead you in the right direction. 2012 predicts that few drastic changes can be made into your career and probability of cash inflow is good. This year success will kiss your feet. However, being a strong person, you have to tackle few hurdles in order to get the best result . The people, who are in job, will be promoted to other locations and businessman will get best profitable deals.

Relationship: This year is completely synonymous to love according to the interpretation of 2012. After tolerating bad experience of love, this year you can expect a stable and long term relationship incorporated with emotional bonding. Those who are single can enter into new life. As far as your health is concerned, you will be healthy throughout the year except few minor problems.

Wealth: 2012 will be an easy and good year for the number one people in terms of wealth and finance. There won’t be any shortage of money for these people.

Health: some health problems due to over times and too much anxiety in 2012.

fadic number 2 : From the learning of past year incidents, you will head towards the dealing of replant of your bases to obtain your objective of life. This year your career will boost up and ample of projects will knock the door. According to 2012 prediction, this year you will be authentic in whatever you do. You better know about your potentials and work accordingly. You might be surprised with unbelievable results of your efforts positively. However, all your work would be transformed into the profitable efforts and fructified. Those who are in a relationship will get suitable time to spend with their love partner. Moreover, the single person can expect the soul mate this year.

Career: As per numerology 2012, people having number 2 and working in creative or artistic fields are most likely to gain a lot in 2012, but beside from them if looking for a change then need to keep patience. All the number two people are advised to handle their money matters with utmost care in their professional life.

Relationship: This is a year of relationships, be cooperative, sharing and diplomatic for success. Slow progress in realizing your ambition, try to maintain balance in your relationships, aggression can bring disappointments. Your courage will be stronger and getting to the heart of the matter won’t take nearly as long as it could. If you are not able to discuss problems, consider resorting to writing. This can be very effective in many circumstances keeping on track when expressing yourself can be far easier when writing. These people will gel well when they will share feelings with their partners emotionally as well as intellectually.

Wealth: people having number two will face a constant up and down in their bank balance. There are only some chances of making savings for these people in 2012.

Health: Number two people need to take care of their eyes, as some eye ailments can affect them in the coming year. They are advised to visit their optometrist regularly to take the desired treatments.

fadic number 3 : According to 2012 ,this year brings new projects, activities, and actions in your life. If you find your life a bit monotonous, then treat it just as a phase of your life. However, the adaptability quality will give you satisfaction and provide you best results for your efforts. You just need to be self motivated to avoid hesitation and stagnation feeling. This year you have to be cautious regarding your health especially abdominal aches. This year you will get income raise, fruitful returns on investments, promotions, or property inheritance.  

Career: These people will get good appraisals and promotions in their professional life. Lot of hard work need to be done can move from one place to other in terms of job. Change can also be seen in case of some number 3 people. You can meet old friends; old connections might give opening to your career. Energy can scatter into different fields of interest, use imagination and creativity wisely.

Relationship: Number 3 people won’t have a smooth love life. There are high chances of many disputes and disagreements with the partner in this year. Self expressions need to be taken care for understandings. Stand firm on what you feel is right and think before you join in with talk that can hurt. Take care that you don’t get caught up in gossip, especially where family members are concerned.

Wealth: Neither too good not too bad, that’s what says about the wealth status of the number three people. The best time for monetary gains for these people would be somewhere between that last quarter of 2012.

Health: Three people need to follow a strict diet in the coming year to remain fit and fine. They are also advised to visit their doctors regularly for checkups.

fadic number 4 : This year brings serenity and tranquility in your life and commands you to adapt yourself with the situation. The time governs you to transform yourself according to the situation. This year will bring you few pending works that you have to finish this year. You can expect competition from the other competitors so it is better to accentuate on smart work and not hard work. This year you will give extreme importance to your love life. Whether you are committed to marriage or in a relationship, this year will give you opportunity to spend splendid time with your love partner. Try to give time to listen to your love partner.

Career: A lot of confusions will be there which can make you double minded. Need to do a lot of hard work which will give you the result of new jobs especially between March and July 2012. There will be a steady professional growth of number four people in 2012 and they will be seen at their peak in the last few months. At the end of the year but you would certainly feel the need to bring more order to the scene?

Relationship: love life will be blossoming at its best. Those already in a relationship need to commit themselves towards their partner in the coming year to strengthen their love bond. Repairs, renovations and little rearranging will feel especially satisfying for encouraging in the home.
Wealth: Number four people will get great opportunities to put their money in investments. A sense of practicality, unexpected and sudden changes will be there, don’t ignore your problems and don’t get irritated on slowness of results as growth will be there They will seen confident throughout the year due to an extra source of income in 2012.

Health: Number four are suggested to take utmost care of their health in 2012. They need to avoid stress and depressions, as serious migraine or headache problem can be foreseen for them in 2012.


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FREE Numerology Predictions for 2012 (based on fadic numbers)
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FREE Numerology Predictions for 2012 (based on fadic numbers)
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fadic number 5 : This year brings new energy and zeal for the people because of lots of changes in the life .This is the best appropriate time to complete all your pending tasks and business. You will exceptionally be enthusiastic at your work and matters related to your family. You will emerge as the best and generous host of your family in events. You will get a lot of challenging opportunities this year and you have to play a vital role of a leader In the field of love life and romance, you will feel some kind of boredom and mundane.

Career: Number five people will feel a kind of unexpected frequent changes in their work life due to the starting of many new projects and assignments. Be versatile, scattered energy can bring disappointments, the feelings of independence and freedom will be stronger in you than in others. Traveling for business purpose is also high on cards for these people in 2012.

Relationship: Number five are going to face some difficulties in their love life in 2012. Those who are single are going to meet their true soul mates but might feel hesitate in expressing their love in 2012. You should embrace and look forward to this change for freedom.

Wealth: People with number 5 are going to have a good financial year. These people are advised to take the advice of some expert financial advisors to handle their money in 2012.

Health: Number five people are most likely to face backache or spinal problems. They are advised to adapt a proper posture while sitting, sleeping or standing to be fit in 2012.

fadic number 6 : The pressure of the work life will be reduced and reduce worries. You will lead a healthy and stress-free life associated with a bit of minor health problems. This year you will get ample of scopes to show your creativity at your work. This year you will spend quality time with your love partner. This year you will feel comfort and ease at your workplace rather than pressure. Make sure that you don’t overwork and get fatigued. If you are running a business, you will catch up a huge profit during the last months of this year.

Career: 2012 will be professionally a year of experiments for the people belonging to the number six group. Those working as freelancers can expect great income with new and creative ideas in 2012. If working in a team, you will find that some people are not interested in the work; unexpected gains will be there from different directions.

Relationship: Number six people can expect to meet their dream mates in 2012. All they need to do is express their true love for the one they like and see the magic of romance flourishing in 2012. When it comes to balancing your home life and professional obligations, it’s not going to be easy for the next 3-4 months, but after that you will be able to look after your professional and personal matters in a very balanced way. Year of social contacts, much time will be given towards family, harmony, sympathy, some sacrifices and balance will bring happiness and success, easy going attitude will be there, family responsibilities will be there, married life will be happy.

Wealth: Number six will be an average year. These people will spend and earn in a proper ratio in the coming year 2012. Financially second half of the year will be too good for the number six people. You will have to confront someone over a money issue, but your arguments will be successful and money will be paid to you.

Health: No serious health problems are foreseen for the number 6 people. However, they can suffer from minor cold and cough problems. They are advised to take care of themselves especially during the changing of weather.

fadic number 7 :

Career: This is the year for your own reflections and introspections. You will be able to take out time for your own self and due to that your friends and family could feel neglected. You would pursue a plan or continue with a project. You will handle your matters skillfully. Year of peace, specialization could be done in the line of interest, would be difficult to clear your point of view, more imaginative but moody as well. Obstacles would be there, but settlement is the outcome. Those who are self-employed or working as freelancer can earn a lot this year. This will be a great years for those working in creative fields.

Relationship: As 2012 will be a year full of love for number seven people. 2012 also mentions that these people will meet their perfect partners in the coming year.

Wealth: Financially, 2012 will turn out to be a balanced year for number seven people. These people can plan to put their money in various investments coming their way with a proper planning. You will be successful in all your negotiations or financial transaction.

Health: Health wise, people belonging to number 7 group need to think about what they eat, as some stomach problem as affect the in 2012. They are advised to go for regular walks to be fit and healthy.  

fadic number 8 : This year you will release the past undergoing, troubles and memories. This is the time to enter into new life and leave the past behind. There are many opportunities to avail to get involved into new projects. This year is also benefited to you in respect to health. You will be healthy throughout this year except few minor problems. The negative impacts of past year would wash away this year and infuse new energy and zeal to start new life. Forecast of this year is that you will have to face challenging task in your career and business. You need to have patience and serenity this year to strategize the long term plans and enhance the cohesiveness among the coworkers.

Career: Professionally, number eight people can do wonders in 2012 if they try to think differently and come up with new ideas. They should sit and think what they want in their life professionally and then aim towards reaching this set goal. After hard work people will realize your efforts and you will be recognized and rewarded for your efforts. Frustration need to be avoided, will be given opportunity to organize and manage things in better way, use your energies in creativity.

Love: People belonging to number eight groups can expect to enjoy a really romantic love life in the coming year. Marriage will be on the cards for many single and eligible number 8 people. You will feel energetic; strength to overcome difficulties, no disabilities could stop you from your growth.

Wealth: Number eight people will be financially satisfied in 2012. Debts will be paid off, you will make money in the long run, improvement in material possessions, power and position, being practical and helpful will surely bring success. Instead of spending money, they will be successful in saving it in 2012.

Health: Number eight people might suffer from some skin ailments or allergies in 2012. They are advised to take all the precautions and visit their doctor regularly for check up to prevent all the skin problems.


FREE Numerology Predictions for 2012 (based on fadic numbers)
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fadic number 9 : 2012 predicts this year as the most exciting year, which brings multiple new opportunities and projects to the life. This year you will tend to give extreme time to your family members to strengthen relationship. The vacation trip would be perfect and imperative step to build strong relationship with family members. This year you will get accolades of your work done. You love admiration and recognition so your maximum efforts will be transformed into profitable efforts this year. You can be entitled to a prize, incentives or promotions by the end of this year. There are chances to re-bound with the old friends and continue harmony between relation. You just manage your emotional turbulence and temper perfectly in order to enjoy the charm of the relation.

Career: After hard work in this period, productivity will increase, and you can expect recognition and financial success. You could find conflicts in your business or job, but you will master the situation internally rather than moving into an external frame. Professionally, number you need to plan strategically and once you succeed in doing it, you will be rewarded with great gains in 2012. Second half of 2012 will be a year of planning and getting good results for number nine people.

Relationship :Single number nines can try looking for their soul mates in the coming year, as this year has every potential to make their dream come true in respect to love. Married people might need to compromise on certain issues with their partner .

Wealth: Number 9 people will get great monetary rewards due to their hard work. They need to plan properly to make the best use of the financial gain they will get in the coming year.

Health: Number nine people are not going to suffer from any major health problems in 2012. All they need to do is take care of their diet and indulge in some sort of exercise on a regular basis to stay fit and fine in 2012.


FREE Numerology Predictions for 2012 (based on fadic numbers)
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interesting :punk: lets see how 2012 goes.
more curiosity in everyone about what changes will comed after dec 2012


FREE Numerology Predictions for 2012 (based on fadic numbers)
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:) Thanks omkaara for this information....i wish 2012 year goes nice n exciting for everyone..;)


FREE Numerology Predictions for 2012 (based on fadic numbers)
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pretty useful info but still waiting for moon sign annual predictions to be update in main site.
then we can club both predictions to understand better

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FREE Numerology Predictions for 2012 (based on fadic numbers)
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FREE Numerology Predictions for 2012 (based on fadic numbers)
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yep. numerology alone is not sufficient
need to check moon sign predictions too along with individual horoscopes (dasa etc)

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FREE Numerology Predictions for 2012 (based on fadic numbers)
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this seems interesting.
thanks Omkaar :punk:
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FREE Numerology Predictions for 2012 (based on fadic numbers)
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my fadic is 1 and it looks good :cool:
thanks OMkaar


FREE Numerology Predictions for 2012 (based on fadic numbers)
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