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what is it? monster toy?
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This is my personal experience....
Once I went to a friend\'s house and again I visited her so many times all visits were normal and no disturbance etc.... with what so ever
One of my Nth visit when we were telling bi... we stood at the door step and kept talking like the usual last minute talks etc...
I accidentally touched a small slipper type of toy which was near the door bell .... nothing happend okay bi and finally came back home slept
THAT night i had this horrible experience that a man who looks like he has hair style of Jesus and he is holding me on my cheast so hard that i could not breath or move with great difficulty i said \"Ganesha\"   suddenly the heavy hold feeling left me and went inside my closet type of feeling was experienced.
from then on when ever I visit that particular friend house I get odd crazy dreams...
Finally my husband put god\'s photo in the location where i felt it went in my first dream.
even today i feel scard to go to her house. but i learn that this slipper toy was for protection from evil but i felt like it was evil.

But some how our visit to this friend\'s house has reduced from time to time.... even 2day i visit her i look down while entering the house so scard of that slipper toy.
please discuss what is this evil eye? or evil slipper or scary slipper monster slipper? what is it?
and trust me i have no jealous or odd feeling about her house 100% truth. I am happy for her house for her.

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Evil Eye
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what is it? monster toy?
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Did you inquire your friend about that toy? If not, do it casually and get to know about it. We should first know what it is.. Where she bought it.. Or who gave it..

If she has bought it in some local shops, there\'s nothing serious to worry. If it has been given by some Tantri after doing some Mantra/ Tantra works, we gotta think little serious about it.

If it is bought from some local shop, then she or her house might be under severe Evil Eye and that Slipper / Monster Toy must have observed them without allowing them inside the house. Since you touched that, the negativity must have just reflected to you.
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what is it? monster toy?
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Forgotten to add. If it\'s the second case which I\'ve mentioned above. Ask your friend to remove that toy and ask her to wash it with Salt Water and then with Good Water and then let her hang / place it wherever it is now. Make sure she shouldn\'t take that toy inside her house. The cleaning procedure should be done in the outside of her house. And all the water should be poured outside itself. After doing this, she also should wash her hands, legs and face and also should sprinkle few drops of water over her head before entering her house. It\'ll be better if she takes bath immediately and do a mediatation for 5 minutes or a normal pooja to her deities.

That\'ll remove the negativity from that toy. Also she\'ll be safeguarded.


what is it? monster toy?
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Does this egg thing when taking a bath really helps to remove negative energies from us ? I mean like... jealousy etc ?


what is it? monster toy?
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it only tells your if evil eye is on you or not.
it wont remove anything


what is it? monster toy?
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sharmilaji , my grand mother puts salt on a paper and wraps it around , then she revolves it around the affected person  and  burns it off on a stove , she believes that its the best way to treat evil eye affected person

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Evil Eye
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