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Evil Eye
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I've seen this a lot. As a kind even i was effected by this.
people think that a person who forms centre of attraction at any place/gathering is usually effected by 'evil eyes' of jealous people and his/her health is effected soon.

In modern linguistics it is 'casting an evil-eye' . Science explains it as the flow of negativity that affects the person or object towards which it is directed.

Every thought form is associated with energy, just as blessings and good thoughts have a positive auraabout them, so also negative emotions harness harmful or negative energy.Sources of these negative energies are, people who give way to:


Sense of discrimination/comparison : the feeling that other people are better than you, thereby leading to frustrations.

Spirit of vengeance/retaliation : people who curse spitefully seeing the prosperity of their rivals.These emotions may not manifest or surface out but their presence even at the subconscious level can be destructive.

Evil eye casting results in:

1. Uneasiness

2. Lack of interest

3. Sudden illness

4. Prolonged illness (without any reason).

The Vedic perspective

The vedas have described four kinds of people

1. The Satpurushas: who help others without caring for their own well-being

2. The Samanyas: they help considering the position of the self

3. Manushya Rakshasas: who extract benefits by disturbing others welfare

4. People who harm others without any purpose

According to the vedas, people who belong to the last two categories(described above) are most likely to cast an evil eye.

Power of evil eye

The ominous power of Dhristi can be subtle or immense depending upon the depth of negative emotions. Stronger the emotions greater will be the energy released. This energy can work at the Material level : An evil-eye on other\'s possessions like wealth, property, and other accessories which consequently deplete the victims of their resources.

Physical and the psychological level : The \'hale and hearty\' suddenly succumb to ill-health, or happiness and peace of mind is lost. These are some of the nasty effects of evil eye

Witchcraft, black magicetc. are advanced manifestations of evil eye.

Traditional methods for getting rid of evil eye

Material level: Some fruits like lemon, watermelon and coconut have the capacity to absorb negative energy.

For eg. A new automobile is run over lemons before it starts its journey. Watermelons are hung at the gates of houses and babies are smeared with collyrium on the forehead and the cheek to ward off evil.
(maybe using pumpkins for halloween has something to do with this)

Physical level: Burning camphor, when brought near any person burns out all the negativity around the person. It is necessary that the mind get tuned (in order to absorb the negative energy) to these media (lemons, coconuts, collyrium) of evil eye so that they serve the desired purpose.

The evil that is cast due to black magic or witchcraft needs more powerful remedies


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Evil Eye
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what is it? monster toy?
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its called nazar/dishti
but will it really effect people ?

i knew my mom doing all that lemon/watermelons things


what is it? monster toy?
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the best way of handling BURI NAZAR / EVIL EYE on your house is take a lime and insert 7 Lavang/Clove in it and along with it tie a mirchi / chillie and hang it on the entrance of your house


what is it? monster toy?
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for houses : can also put a naraghosha vinayakudi\'s picture on/side of the main door.

if its for humans. egg is the best. take an egg, revolve it around the person for 3 tyms from ryt-left then again 3 rounds from left-ryt. finally break it on the grnd  behind the person.


what is it? monster toy?
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they say taht a snake has poison in its mouth i.e. tongue. but a man or woman has it in the eyeballs. how far is this true - any comments pls?


what is it? monster toy?
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its very true.. our purans says \" narudi drustiki nalla raye baddalavu tundi\"..

i think so as ppl use black for anti social eves..

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Evil Eye
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what is it? monster toy?
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human eye with jealousy is more evil than snake\'s venom
so they call it evil eye
"As far as I'm concerned, I prefer silent vice to ostentatious virtue." - Albert Einstein 


what is it? monster toy?
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sharmila, wud u pls translate in english or hindi waht u said above.


what is it? monster toy?
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i think it says that for human eye sight (evil) even black granite stones will break/crack


what is it? monster toy?
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personal experience to see the following:-
once there was middle-aged man had bought a camel in far-away market, and was passing thru our village... in order to go to his village. the camel was young, havng several nice, colourful beads around the neck, anklets wiht bells in all the legs, nicely decorated, looking like prince of cattle. as the man was holding the neck ropes to lead him through the central commonplace in the village where several idlers and oldies were sitting, and chatting mundane things. one old man saw more deeply and said, \"wah, kitna achcha camel hai. kaisi jadu jaise chaal hai !!\"  the old man and camel hardly went further about 50 steps, and suddenly the camel happen to put its right leg in a small pit, it instantly broke from the knee joint and fell down. writhing in pain, the camel could not get up, even in spite of several people coming forward to give it a helping hand. you might know there is no cure or therapy for a broken knee for camels as the joints are too dry, and long onee. finally the camel had to be abandoned as is where is !!!!

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