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The five elements
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The Five Elements
The five Elements are fire, water, earth and air. Spirit is often added to acknowledge the spiritual component of them all. The elements are used in ceremonies, rituals, meditation, zen practices and are sometimes identified differently but the basic meaning is the same. When invoking the elements, they are often associated with the cardinal directions with Fire in the South, Water in the West, Earth in the North and Air in the East.

The Air element is associated with mental processes, creativeness, higher consciousness, wisdom, our ideas about the Universe.

The element of fire is associated with both physical and spiritual powers, energy and passion.

The element of water is associated with the subconscious mind, love, religion, intuition, and emotions. It is the primal substance of life and is symbolized by the womb and fertility.

Earth is the element that is most stable and dependable. It represents abundance, prosperity, wisdom, and practical knowledge. Earth sustains all life.

Represents the mystical aspect of spiritual belief. It is the source of human love and compassion and perhaps is the most \"elemental\" element of all.

Aristotle defines the word element as \"...the primary component immanent in a thing, and indivisible, in kind, into kinds...

He and other philosophers argued about what the most essential or primary element was, whether fire, water, earth or air but I believe Parmenides was most correct when he said, \"Love first of all, the Gods she planned\", and Hesiod when he said:

First of all things was chaos made, and then
Broad-breasted earth...
And love, \'mid all the gods pre-eminent...

It makes sense that love (Spirit) is the primary element, without which, nothing else can have meaning.

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The five elements
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The five elements
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need explanations on how spirit gets attached to a body made of 5 elements


The five elements
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i think spirit attachinf to body is itself a complex matter


The five elements
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i think 5 elements form body which is controlled by mind

and mind is always attached to soul throughout all life cycles

thats why we get KARMA transfered

the day mind and soul are detached we attain nirvana/moksha


The five elements
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A small change is there in what Virinchi said. As he said these elements are associated with four cardinal directions like Fire - South, Earth - West, Water - North and Air - East.

The fifth element is Akasha (Sky) and that\'s missing here. Probably they might be using Spirit instead of this.
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The five elements
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Sounds quite similar to the pancha maha bhuta in vedic literature, which are Akasha (Ether), Vayu (Air),  
Teja (fire), Jala (Water), Prithvi (Earth).
Each element being born out of the previous element, with sunya or akash being the starting element.
All these elements are also associated with the sense organs.
Earth can be felt by all sense organs hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell
Water can be felt by 4 sense organs - hearing, touch, sight and taste
Fire - hearing, touch and sight
Air - hearing and touch
Sunya - can only felt from the inner sense not by the physical organs.


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The five elements
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The five elements
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It\'s not similar.. It\'s same..:):)

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