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Magic Vs. Magick
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For those who are not familiar with Magick, the first thing you should know is the difference between Magic and Magick.

Magic is an illusion performed by an illusionist/magician before an audience. They are numerous and only a few are incredibly good and famous around the world.

Magick is the gathering, use and direction of universal energies with a definite purpose. It usually involves some kind or ritual and it\'s practised by witches (men or women). Magick by itself is neither good or bad. Only a means to achieve a desired result.

It is said that Aleister Crowley (a famous English Occultist and the most controversial of the modern days of Witchcraft) added the letter K to the word Magic, trying to restitute Magick into its former powerful and dignified status. This might have been one the first steps to reach his goal.

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Magic Vs. Magick
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Magic Vs. Magick
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that was good info  :)

is there any man still alive who has these evil powers


Magic Vs. Magick
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yes... witches exists still in world...

but i dnt have their contacts...   ;)


Magic Vs. Magick
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Why do u call them evil. By themselves they are neither good nor bad. It depends upon how they are used. Is it to cause trouble or pain to another or to heal some problem or affliction. In childhood, once a bee stung me on right eyebrow when i was stirring out from house to write an exam. My aunty suddenly came forward to reveal herself, did some magick by a sickle in hand, reciting some abracadabra for about half a minute, and lo & behold, the swelling and pain was completedly vanished in thin air in a moment!  Till that day, she had kept it a secret.


Magic Vs. Magick
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is Magick only used for evil purposes like taking revenge, killing someone?


Magic Vs. Magick
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Does Black Magick really works for any purpose?

I dont think so..........Does anyone have the real life experience of Black Magic?
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Magic Vs. Magick
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Magic Vs. Magick
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why not?

black magik (witch craft) is a back door kinda thing to get something done in life, many ppl use this even today. but none who involved in such stuff never lived happily in their future nor had a good-next-life.  

this kinda stuff is a quick n fast relief but not safe..


Magic Vs. Magick
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in short its a kind of game played with life of a human being.


Magic Vs. Magick
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According to the famous occultist Aleister Crowley, magick is \"the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.\" ... In fact, Crowley... says that \"every intentional act is a Magickal Act.\" If you follow his line of reasoning, there is a great deal of validity in what he says, although it is not what we are seeking at this time. We need to make the definition of magick a bit longer: Magick is the science and art of causing change (in consciousness) to occur in conformity with will, using means not currently understood by traditional Western science.


Magic Vs. Magick
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yes. rightly said
all corrective measures we do such as remedies to overcome ill-effects of planets etc are also magick.
to be precise magick is divided into 3 parts in indian terms  :

1. mantra
2. yantra
3. tantra

1,2 are commonly used and also 3 but 3.tantra is misinterpreted.
tantra is just a process with mantra and yantra.
people just feel that it is something \'dark\' and will be done only in nights

in simple words, to just follow whats in your fate is normal life.
to fight against it intentionally by using any method, including worship of god, is magick or tantra

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