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Magic Vs. Magick
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I\'m a Freemasonary and some of there roots come from occult science. I got my hands on a digital copy of \"Moral & Dogma\". I dont supose to have it; this for only the elite 32 degree Scottish Rite Masons. I\'m only 3rd degree Master Mason. In this book goes into detail on Magick & Astrology, also Numerology. Even Alchemy is mentioned. Alister Crowley was also a Freemason; but his decisions and actions gave Freemasonry a black eye. He referred his self as the \"wickest man in the world\" and as \"the beast 666\". Now all the EXTREME CHRISTIANS think were all devil worshipers; and that is complete wrong. People fear what they dont understand.

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Magic Vs. Magick
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