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money spells
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 Money spells or money talismans are used to solve financial money problems. Money spells can be formed for lottery, races, bingo, gambling etc. Also if you are working and you feel that your financial problems are not ending, then you may go for these money spells and be free from all the worries and problems related to money.

Cast this spell for wealth and prosperity on a Sunday

You will need:

One piece of money attracting crystal, I find Citrine works perfectly in this spell
One gold candle
One silver coin
One oil burner and Frankincense essential oil
On the first stroke of Midnight light the oil burner and the gold candle.
Hold the silver coin in your right hand (this is your receiving hand).
As you gaze into the flame of the candle repeat the Angel Invocation:
Archangel Michael I invoke thee to grant my wish tonight
Grant me my wish
And ease my plight
Money luck not greed
Enough to fulfil my needs
Grant my wish and I will remember
To give as I have received
So Mote It Be
Thank the Archangel for helping you and allow the candle to burn down.
Keep the silver coin in your purse or wallet along with the Citrine, this will ensure you will always have enough money to fulfil your needs.

2. This spell is very easy and every one can try it
You may take 40-60 candles, make a circle of candles in such a way that you can sit in the middle of the circle that you have made with the candle.
You may sit in the middle and say YAA WAHABO , till the candles are completely burnt, you may do this for 15 days, and your problems of money will be over for ever by the grace of almighty god.

3. Bring 40 Incense Sticks, On each Incense stick you may pray these words AL JABBARO, 360 times every day, then you may burn the Incense stick and while burning the incense you may keep in your mind why you are burning the Incense, like if you are in any financial problems, or debts or lottery or gambling etc, keep in your mind the reason why you are burning the incense, after 40 days you will be successful.

4. This is a very powerful Money Spell and does not require any rituals or ceremonies,
Whenever you have any type of money problems and nothing is working for you, just pray these words YAA ALLAHO; you may say these magic words when ever you have time, while traveling, when ever you are alone. If you are in the house and getting bored or when you are trying to sleep whenever possible just say these magic words, these words will work for you and will solve all your money problems forever.

                    ````all the best..!!````


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money spells
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money spells
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 1 stly did u try this sharmila ??


money spells
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i tried 4th method. i c no lack of money for my basic needs atleast(touch wood).


money spells
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those words seem to be islamic and may not suit all unless u have faith in that religion


money spells
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anything doing with determination n faith works..


money spells
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for basic needs i dont think we need these spells

such spells must be used only when we have more need than what we got and if we need more help than what we can do to ourself

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money spells
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money spells
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some times people face lot problem even in raising funds for basic needs in that cases its useful..

nothing is waste in this world..

spells r mental support to followers a like mantras works for hindus. no offense on chanting them


money spells
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hope they work for needy people
but if they work, why do so many people suffer from lack of money


money spells
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Very good post


money spells
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deepa, because they dont work people still keep looking for money

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