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pravin kumar

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A Pseudo-Aristotelian Chiromancy
British Museum: Ms Add 15236 c.1400

Extract from the original Latin manuscript as translated
by Lynn Thorndike and reproduced in Speculum v40 (1965)

A large hand sometimes comes from labour as in the case of a carpenter, sometimes from nature. When it is because of large bones and muscles, its owner is strong and robust but not of a lively intellect. If it is large from fleshiness, its owner is luxurious and naturally an excessive drinker. If one has big hands and fingers sharp at their ends, he is lustful and false. If the fingers are broad, he is faithful and writes well. If a woman, she has a deep womb and much seeks a man. If man or woman has a broad table in the hand and thin fingers, such a one is good at handiwork and well disposed for playing harp or organ. Such a woman also has a wide womb in the anterior part and very narrow near the matrix. If man or woman has a small table in the hand and large fingers, he or she will die of an apostume, and she will have a wide womb near the matrix but narrow at the mouth of the womb. And such women are disposed to prostitution because of the width near the matrix. Those whose hands are neither too large nor too small are more normal.

A man with small hands is womanly and deceptive, vindictive and unstable. He may love profusely but it soon turns to hate and such a one is never to be trusted. In the case of man or woman, the hatred is as vehement as a serpent. But women naturally have small hands, unless from work. If their hands are excessively small, their wombs are narrow at both ends and they do not seek a man unless one much beloved, and women of this sort are very difficult to have intercourse with. One with small hands is weak and timid in either sex. A true experiment is that a woman with greenish hands can quickly conceive but never delivers the foetus alive. One with coarse hands is naturally luke-warm and dull. If such is a woman, parum appetit coitum sed multum potest coire. Such persons never agree well from lack of choler and blood.

Those without a mass of flesh between thumb and forefinger, below the thumb and in the palm, are naturally leprous; but members of religious orders do not have such bunches of flesh because of their vigils and slight use of their hands. One with thin hands is very agile and ingenious and easily angered and lustful as a sparrow. Those whose fingers do not match or come together do not agree in their words and deeds. When a line near the joint of the thumb is like a net composed of many lines and openings, its owner will never enjoy his riches.


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Aindrita Ray

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good post.. please continue with other types of hands

i have a hand with puffy mounts

pravin kumar

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Dear Aindritaji,

You will have puffy mounts below Jupitor (Index) Finger, Mercury (smallest) Finger, Mount of Upper Mars, Mount of Lower Mars, Mount of Venus and Mount of Moon. Mount of Saturn and Apollo is depressed due to the palm setting. Puffy Mounts indicate that that particular mount is prominent in your palm but where is the apex of that mount situated i.e. where the ridges of the skin meet from 3 sides below that particular finger is considered the apex of that mount. If it is situated in the centre of the general area of the mount then the effect is best. If situated North, South,  East or West of that Mount then the effect is diluted slightly. If the apex, say of Jupitor Mount is towards heart line then ambition leadership and all the attributes of that mount is inclined towards affection meaning that person is very affectionate in a Jupiterian way. If it is inclined towards Head line then interest in studies, if inclined towards Saturn Mount then it gives up some of its qualities and plays second fiddle to the Saturn Mount and Jupiterian qualities are overshadowed by the Saturnian qualities which are a loner, studious person, looks at life pessimistically, does research, a miser etc. etc.

If the Mount is hard and bulging then it is the best indication provided off course it is situated in the centre of that mount area.

Do post your palm prints.

Pravin KUmar

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