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Basics of Palmistry as a Science
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Palmistry is a science. Just as new experiments are being conducted every day in various sciences with old laws getting discarded and the new one discovered, palmistry is also undergoing the same process.

How scientific Palmistry is

Hand is a mirror of our personality. Its size, shape, texture, skin pattern, finger prints, length of fingers and Mounts of our hand reveal our basic tendencies and make us aware of our own personality, potentials and talents. All these features along with lines make our future. After knowing and understanding these features we can know hidden capacity of the person.

Lines of our hand are not the creases on hand but they represent the activity of our unconscious mind. Hindus call it MANN .

More lines in our hand means more active mind. According to the research of Prof. Dayanand (Head of the Institute of Palmistry) the Mounts on our hand work as magnetic centers, which attract electric currents of brain and lines on the palm show the path of these currents. Reading the lines is equal to reading the hidden capacity of a person.

According to Prof. Dayanand 25% of somatosensory area of the brain is related to both the hands, which indicates the close relation between brain and hand.

Palmistry is study of unconscious mind. The desires, which lie dormant. Our unconsciousness builds the blocks of future. These longings show themselves as lines of palm. When we read lines of palm we, in fact, read the unconscious mind because only this reading of unconscious leads one\'s capability to read the future.

Lines are subject to change

From my experience, I have noticed that the lines of palm are subject to change. Our will power, optimistic /pessimistic thinking and positive or negative behavior may be the course of this change.

The job of a good palmist is not to just predict future of a person, but is also to encourage him/her to fight against obstacles and to help one in building confidence for changing his lines in the desired way.

How Lines Are Formed

The palm is a mirror of our Brain and mind. The raised portion of flesh on palm are known as Mounts. The Lines of the palm are waves, which indicate activeness of our unconscious mind. The Lines on the palm are the waves which indicate what goes in our unconscious mind.

Dr Eugene Scheimann has referred to many experiment of his times to prove that the three main lines and the pattern on the skin of the palm are formed during the third and the fourth month of pregnancy. The mind starts functioning only when one is born. How do then these lines are formed in one\'s mother womb?

One answer is rebirth! And who doesn\'t believe in rebirth state that genes of one\'s parent are responsible for his physical and mental makeup.

Which Hand is to be examined: Right or Left?

This is a very common question : Which hand of a client should be studied - right or left?

According to the ancient Indian Palmistry (HAST SAMUDRlKA) a woman\'s left hand and a man\'s right hand should be preferred for study.

According to Western Palmistry both the hands of the person should be studied, left hand up to adolescent age and after that priority should be given to right hand or active hand that is the hand with which we write.

Our conclusion on this point is that the importance should be given to both the hands since the non-active hand reflects our unconscious mind, which we have brought with us in the forms of genes and the active hand reflects our conscious mind which we have changed through our efforts.

The signs of both the hands should be considered. The signs, which are similar in both the hands, can lead to certain definite conclusion. But where the signs are not similar the deciding factor should be signs of active hand.

Moreover, there is no need to distinguish between men and women and young or matured person in this regard.


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Basics of Palmistry as a Science
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pravin kumar

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good post
a palmist needs to remember that lines may change with times


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lines are subject to change !!

thats why palmistry is uncertain and can only predict to some extent about present situation if palm is read now.
astrology has always been superior because it can predict how fate will change in future also

but palmistry is useful for someone who doesnt know birth details or cannot consult astrologer


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only some aspects of personality can be known through palmistry
it\'ll fail on many aspects

pravin kumar

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Dear Friends,

Where palmistry scores over other science is that no Birth Date Time and Birth Place required. Astrology is too complicated a science. In any case both the palmistry and astrology readings tally on major points. Both can go wrong and both can be right. In certain situations it takes no time to answer a person\'s question by just looking at the palm but in astrology lots of calculation is involved.

Palmistry can tell the future. Why not? So many palmist have predicted future with success. I have done so many thousands of time. To say that no one can predict the future is wrong but yes one could go wrong and one can even try to change for the best or worst. It depends upon that person totally.

Life is not fixed. One Leg is fixed on the ground and the other is allowed to be free as per Osho. If both the legs were fixed then you could not change your present not your past. With one leg fixed (Past Karma) and the other free you can make your present best and that could also dilute some or all of your Past Negative Karmas and make the other leg free.

Pravin Kumar

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Basics of Palmistry
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hi pravin..

thats good to see a palmist finally in our site..

well how abt u posting abt palm-lines and thr descriptions? so that atleast a novice can understand alil bit of palmistry.. wt say??

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Basics of Palmistry as a Science
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pravin kumar

Basics of Palmistry
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Yesterday I typed a lengthy reply. God knows where it got posted or got deleted or what? Anyway first read the book: The laws of Scienctific Hand Reading by William G Benham. He is my Guru.

I first studied palmistry, numerology and hypnotism in my school days. Forgot almost everything. But I new the basics i.e. which are the main lines what does island mean etc. etc. Then a Professor taught us Palmistry in Engineering College instead of English. He said since we were all from English medium schools no need to teach English. He predicted through Numerology who will win the General Secretary and President in boys elections. The persons who he predicted were underdogs but they actually won.

I was on a packaged sight seeing trip of Europe in 1989 when I started pulling everyone\'s legs in the bus, in which we had to travel whole day almost daily, by saying that I knew palmistry and would read palms of 30/40 person sitting in the bus. Soon I became popular but I know that I did not know even 5% then. One boy and one girl of 16 and 17 respectively, whose palms I saw, inspired me to take up the subject seriously. As soon as I came back to Bombay from the trip I took up its study very seriously and within 3/4 months of reading palms I came across the right Book on Palmistry, though I have read many since then, The Laws of Scientific Palm Reading by William G Benham. After reading this book of 650 odd pages in a month I simply started reading palms of people sometimes 100 persons per day. In the train while travelling or in the bus or even at airports, hotels etc. etc. I used to travel a lot all over the country and I got good practise. I have lost count of palms I have read but I have had many many beautiful experiences.

The basic of palmistry: If you shake hands with someone and find it warm what do you conclude? That person is a warm personality, has warm blood in his body and how good is a warm hearted person we all know? If the palm is a little hotter then what do we conclude? Red Hot person with lots of passion, vigour, desire which explode positively or negatively. Positively because he loves to be always on the move and can become a good Traveller, Salesman etc. etc. anything associated with what requires lots of energy. Such people could also be trapped in Drugs, Alcohols, Sensual Pressures by force etc. etc. All this because they have too much energy.

If you find the palm cold then you immediately find  a cold personality who has no energy, who repulses others because of lace of fire in his body. The blood is cold, haemoglobin level is low, such persons do not mix, are not jolly and negative oriented, weak in structure and personality. All this is logical.

To explain more without you people reading the book will be very difficult for us. Girls can find out whether the boy they are going to marry is virile, has potency, can satisfy his wife etc. etc.

The best thing would be to buy the above book, post the matter of each page in this forum Titled Palmistry Tutorials and read it. If you have any difficulty ask me. The book is really interesting  as it is written logically and will satisfy your reasoning power. It is also written in an interesting manner.

This same book has been posted elsewhere in another forum and quite a few have become good palmist.

Pravin Kumar


Basics of Palmistry
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i still remember some1 has gifted me a book that explains the meaning of the lines in palms... but trust me, i understood nothing... that author shown pictures n explained something in degrees wise...

so wt i wanna tell u is give us the details of the most common lines that can be seen in palms, with images would do grt...

hope u understood..!!

pravin kumar

Basics of Palmistry
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Some more basics of Palmistry:

All vertical lines on the palm are good. All horizontal lines (influence Lines) impede the progress of vertical lines. In this exceptions are Head, Heart and Relationship lines for they are main lines.

Vertical lines are Life of Life, Fate Line, Sun Line and Line of Health. As you read a book on Palmistry, especially the one I have recommended and try to put it into practise you will realise how easy it is to read palms.

Deep uncut and thin lines which are sharp in appearance are the best indications and give the best effect to that line. Eg. If life line is such then the person has the best life withtout any trouble/tensions etc.. Since no person can live trouble free life or life without tension it means such a person has good tolerance power.

In Deep uncut thin main lines the blood flows very fast and hence gives the best effect to those lines.

Whether a person is potent or not? For girls it is better to look at the boys reverse of the palm. If lots of hair on the reverse and the hair colour is black then good sign of potency. If the hair is smooth then the actions of the person will be refined. Even sex matters will be refined. If the hair is medium texture then every thing will be medium and if the hair is rough then you can expect animal instinct in that person who will be very rough in his speech, talk, behavious, sex etc. etc. Girls do not have so much hair on the reverse of the palm. If they have it then you know what to expect. This has to be supported by prominent Mount of Venus too to give energy to that person.

If the person has red hair on the reverse then red denotes fiery temperament and you can expect the result to be fiery in all matters and the heat in the body is like fire. Black hair is due to iron contents in the body. Iron from inside the body gives the colour to the hair. When a person becomes older and has less energy then the colour of the hair becomes greyish and then white.

Another sign of potency in a boy\'s palm is 2/3 short curves curving upwards from the end of the heart line, the end being below the smallest finger. Quite a few palmist take that point to be the beginning of the heart line.

Disturbance/absence of fate line in a girls hand more often indicates problems in her personal life. If married then matters could lead to Divorce with other indications to confirm it. Unless there are other indications Divorce is not certain but problems will exist. Absence or break in fate line in a boys hand will mean disruption in career as a boy is more career oriented than a girl. Nowadays it is same for both as both are career oriented but girls are more sensitive and hence I stick to that reading.

I hope this post does not get deleted.

Pravin Kumar


Basics of Palmistry
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posts never get deleted.
its because you are posting different topics with same topic names, few topic titles were edited and few moved to other relevant sections

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