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marriage reading
« on: April 11, 2010, 06:38:40 PM »
Dear Sir Pravin,

Will i ever get married? If yes, could you kindly tell me the specific month & year? Any other related predictions will be much appreciated.

Left Hand_Side
Left Hand

Right Hand_Side
Right Hand

Age - 28 Yrs 4 months
Gender - Male
Right Handed Person



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marriage reading
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Thnx a lot ...
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Dear Friend,

Do not know whether you are Indian or from other country. Anyway you have a late marriage i.e. somewhere between 36 to 39. Cannot calculate the exact age because of the poor palm image. You already have someone in your life at a young age as indicated by a small relationship line quite close to your heart line. The next prominent line is far away from heart line and a vertical line from life line starts between 36 to 39.

Pravin Kumar


Thnx a lot ...
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Dear Sir Pravin,

Thnx for your time again. I am Indian.

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