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Please study my palm
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Respected Sir,

 My Date of Birth  : 01/02/1979
 Time between     : 5.15 am to 5.30 am
 Place of Birth       : Faizabad (Uttar Pradesh)    
 Hand                   : Right Handed
 Marriage             : Unmarried

 Sir Kindly Answer my Queries as given below

1) Career & Wealth - that in my i jobs due to my handwork i am always closest/nearest to my bosses among my office persons & even though i am getting good salary & am  in Central Govt. post as Assistant Electrical Engineer (for contractual time period) ,But in my all Previous & current job I am & was in contractual job including current job.
  a) Whether i would be able to get Permanent job.
  b) Would i get Full Time Govt Job. if yes , from When
  c) I am also willing to work abroad , is it feasible, if yes from when

2) I am also Playing in Share Market.
  a) Would luck is there in there for me in it
  b) Or any other side business that i would start.

3) Health - My other problem is my ill health mainly stomach problem & weak & thin Body
   which hampers my personality & confidence
  a) Will my Health remain same , if yes , any suggestion

4) Marriage: I am going to get married in April , my is also an Aquarius ,
   a) My marriage life
   b) Probability of successful marriage & children

Any detailed suggestion /precaution/instruction you want to give me.

Thanks in advance
Shadab Waseem                       = Right Palm                        =Left Palm                       = Backside of Left Palm                       = Backside of Right Palm                        =side view of left palm                       = side view of Right Palm


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Please study my palm
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Please study my palm
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Dear Friend,

You have short fingers and hence Speculation is one of the things suitable to you. Do not overdo it. You like to take calculated risks in life and this is evident even in speculations. You will have a good married life as you have a prominent fate line coming from the Mount of Moon indicating that your partner will totally overshadow you and influence you a lot in your life. I would say you would be very happy to have her as your life partner and she will even act as a guardian, friend and everything to you in life.

For all your other questions you have to meet me personally. If you are in Bombay then you can meet. I have my website at:

Pravin Kumar

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