Author Topic: Karmic condition for a favourable/loving birth?  (Read 3979 times)


Karmic condition for a favourable/loving birth?
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Hi all,

I\'ve read a lot about karma and reincarnation and I\'ve suffered a bit and its due to my thoughts.

However, I know people like my uncle, cousins and freinds who have had a great birth:

My uncle:

Jan 12, 1964, Birmingham, England (sorry, don\'t have the time, but must have a good 4th house due to big family and family from partners side).

He was born with 3 brothers and 1 sister. He went into university and graduated at 23. He then got a job straightaway as a civil engineer. At 28, he married a good, graceful, appealing women (obvious due to good career) his wife has 4 sisters and 1 brother thus making his family bigger. He brought a house and from after 29, my uncle had a very great social life. He would hold parties and dinner parties every Saturday and even on fridays. He has 3 good children and has a huge family. He travels a lot too.  

This lady I know:

Born in 85. She was born into a good family and is a straight A student. At 20, she got accepted into a top law school and graduated with good honours at 24. She became a solicitor at 25 and like the man above, has many aunties and cousins. She is good looking, well educated, well accomplished, she also has a good heart too.

So what do you think made these two people have favourable, almost loving births?, its difficult, but these two individual have had great lives.

All I know is:

1) You build upon reincarnations-thus if an individual was an amatuer actor, who respected his health and money, he would be born as a prominent actor who looks handsome and earns a lot of money.
2) You conciousness determines your next birth, if you was generous, confident and loving regarding circumstances in last reincarnation, you come back with favourable planetery circumstances and confident in this reincarnation.
3) God gives you a choice, regardless of karma (have been told this)
4) Karmic rewards-if an individual went though suffering in last reincarnation, god gives that individual a karmic reward of a loving family in next reincarntion
5) Cultivated good character-thus if a women was a caring nurse in last reincarnation, she may come back in present reincarnation born into a loving family and intelligent enough to be well educated.

I\'ve also head that people are TESTED from time to time to see where there hearts lie-for example, an individual may be a millionaire sportsmen who wins the world cup who has a loving wife.


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Karmic condition for a favourable/loving birth?
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Karmic condition for a favourable/loving birth?
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3rd point.. i guess was valid when creation was still evolving.
Even now choice might be given before birth but accumulated is over many lives is too much that choice is over-ridden by its result.
Only few who have lesser karmic burden (like their souls are new to human lives) experience some freewill even after birth


Karmic condition for a favourable/loving birth?
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^^^^castro n sasireka,even  ive been wondering along te same lines as castro and largely clueless about it all. evn afetr reading  many lives n many masters im not sure.
i spoke to a  pastlife  regression therapist whos a qualified allopathic doctor and she told  that one cannot see teir pastlife casually trough hypnosis and tat there needs to be an issue that warrants a past life regression. is this the case.butin other foru ms  like mysticboard   ppl  ave regressed untill  they remember being plants .  has anybody  here  had teir past lives  regressed? would like to know ur experiences.thanks

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