Author Topic: What happens to Soul after death ??  (Read 12532 times)


What happens to Soul after death ??
« on: March 20, 2010, 11:51:08 AM »
hi all,

Almost all religions have some theory to support my above question...

What according to you (you may have heard or read somewhere) is most logically correct to support above answer ??

Just for sharing with everybody... :)


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What happens to Soul after death ??
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What happens to Soul after death ??
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Literally, reincarnation means the return to the physical body. It is a belief that the soul, upon death, exits one body and begins to prepare to come back into life within another physical form. The circumstances of that return - the environment and such - are determined by the growth and progress achieved in the previous lives. Each life personality is a synthesis of what has gone before, and its rebirth occurs in an environment that can best unfold and build for its greater benefit. Thus, the better we live our lives, the more beneficial our rebirth circumstances will be.


What happens to Soul after death ??
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Yes you are correct that soul returns to the physical body ... but how ?

what really happens ?? what really is the process ?? where does it go?? what form does it take to achieve that ??

My personal know how --

I had a very interesting debate on this with some knowledgeable people on Narmada River once at a place called \"Chanod\" in Gujarat (Near Baroda City)

We went there for \"Asthi Visarjanam\" of my Grand Father about two years ago.

During the Puja Vidhis of it, i happen to grab some glimpses of a book of a Pandit present there. These are my expcerpts from what i read at that time from the book -

Soul after death takes any form it comes in contact with. Normally - Wind or Air. It remains and mixes with Air after death.

Air takes it to different layers of atmosphere. When it reaches near Clouds - It takes itself or mixes with the Clouds and pours down with rainfall from the clouds by mixing itself into water.

It dissolves / or gets absorbed into soil once it is poured down and it is sucked by roots of trees once the water gets absorbed into soil. This way it enters into tree - stems / flowers / fruits / Leaf etc.

Those flowers, leafs, fruits, etc. when consumed by a woman who is pregnant it gives life to the development process taking place in the womb.

This is most logical reasoning i have come across so far about life after death. And if we see it scientifically, it also resolves many doubts to some extent. But again, i dont know how Karma etc is decided for a particular soul. I mean how it is decided that a particular soul is a pious one or not.

What do others think?

P.S - I dont hold great knowledge of various puranas or vedas etc. Just sharing with people what i came across. would like to know others views or information that they may have :)


What happens to Soul after death ??
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there are many bodies that a soul can take
astral body is one such form

hindu puranas talk about sookshma roopa, which is of the size of our thumb.
this is invisible to human eyes but dogs can sense it.
thats why dogs bark sometimes without any reason (we feel so) just by looking up.

as said in bhagavadgeeta, soul doesnt carry any karma or doesnt attach itself to anything.
But then how is human karma carried from one life to other ?

During death of one body, its mind will merge all sense organs into itself and stores all memories of that and past lives into itself (like photos in an album) and gets itself leeched to the soul.

The soul doesnt want this burden to hand with it and it tries to get rid of this karma carrying mind.(buddhi)

but in this world, a soul can attain salvation only when it completely gets rid of karma.
so it looks for suitable conditions where it can reincarnate itself into a body so that existing karma can be balanced there.
so, soul fixes its future parents for his future body and for 1st 3 months it wanders around its next life\'s father\'s head and collects material required for its rebirth.
Soul creates conditions favourable for birth.
After his wife gets pregnant, soul starts wandering around her womb for 6 months trying to protect its future body.
after 6th month, it enters the womb and thats when the embryo forms a heart and starts breathing by itself.
soul remains in embryo for 3 months with complete knowledge of its past lives through the mind attached to it.
6-9 months are crucial for mother because soul is inside and is not able to protect its body like earlier now.
after 9th month it gets delivered and enters this world operated by \'maaya\'.
as it enteres \'maaya\' its mind forgets all its memory and it starts a new life.
but all memory lies in subconscious mind and as said Buddhi karmaanusaariNi[/i], our mind in this life follows our past life karma and tries to balance the equation or gathers further karma (based on soul\'s maturity level)
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What happens to Soul after death ??
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soul gets into vaccum after it gets outta body. it weighs 21grams. it then according to the plot of its past life karma n to balance its next birth karma, it finds suitable parents n gets into the mother womb n takes birth.. this is the  explanationas simple as possible


What happens to Soul after death ??
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most of the information is only read and discussed about
people believe it because they dont see anything else better than this.

souls who actually travelled through that, will never come back and explain

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What happens to Soul after death ??
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What happens to Soul after death ??
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If the population of India was 1.05 Billion in 2005 and in 2009 the Population  of India has become 1.20 Billion .

And the same strategy follows for the entire world.

Where are the additional souls coming from then?????????????????:cool:

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What happens to Soul after death ??
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many animals, birds, insects and their species etc have become extinct  ! and human population increasing ..
that proves balance of equation


What happens to Soul after death ??
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So this justify the theory that man can not be man and animals/insects can not be animal insects


What happens to Soul after death ??
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there\'s no guarantee that humans will be reborn as humans again unless they do some deserving karma
but animals certainly have more chance for upgradation

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