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7th Lord in 6th place
« on: October 20, 2016, 08:54:07 AM »
i have come across a horoscope where the 7th lord is in 6th place.  what are all the chances of the native's spouse with regard to health and other aspects. some say that marriage life will be not so good.  separation imminent.

his date of birth and time and place     03.08.1988   11.42 am  coimbatore

i will be thankful to your learned seniors for the clarification


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7th Lord in 6th place
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7th Lord in 6th place
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Does anyone die because his 1st lord is in 12th house ?
It has to be sublord signifying 6th house strongly (not just lord)
This person will struggle to get married as 7th sublord JUP signiying 10,11,8,3,6 out of which only 11 is partially indicating some relation.
If at all marriage happens, then it should be when Saturn transits Poorvashada nakshatra (2018)

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