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Achieved Balance
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Hello Friends,

For about few years from what I can say is from 2005 till 2015 ish I struggled with a though internally to go back to birthplace and was not successful. 
From quite a few yrs I started learning to learn to accept the life path and to live happy where ever I am It took awhile but now I am really at that point I started to feel happy with my life to be have lived where ever I am and continue not because I found something to hold on reason etc. just because my life path is not in my birthplace any more realization.

Now changing gears I started to think...I need something to hold on to I have a passion to become a farmer grow grapes make wine and enjoy nature along this lines while earning for living as well.....
I am a disaster when it comes to work for others I always have cuts in the place where I work for other meaning I can't survive longer....

Seetharamji, sasireka vrinchi apparoa have all predicted  all the above which came true infact seetharamji had mentioned I will shed all such feelings of returning back to birthplace at that time it was hard to believe but now it's practical.

 I am searching for a land for cultivation farming I got one place which is of suitable rate in Sept 2015, it took so long to discuss with that regard and suddenly the owner changed his mind notto sell the land.

I started to think may be I am looking at wrong direction this is no the first time many land it comes to a curve I am about to buy from 2013.... again it breaks for some reason or other
Now from March 2016 I have Venues-sun dasas will I get some land in this phase?
Or should I hold my horses for some more time

Please advice
My DOB details
Oct /12/1971 TOB 7:26, Place of birth Bangalore, Karkataka rasi in sukra dasa with venues-sun dasa from March 2016

Thank you,


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Achieved Balance
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Achieved Balance
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Hello friends,
Just felt like sharing the good news the owner changed his mind and today we had been to see the land. The  shape of land is very awesome. everything seems to be nice.
I am taking time to think as saturn is retrogate this month march 26th and next month april till May we have some planetes in retrograte. Again too scared to commit, I feel it will be good but not sure what to do.


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