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Am I Correct
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Am I Correct

Eluru- Andhra Pradesh


Rahu is the sub lord of the 7th house and placed in 1st house.

2nd house is vacant and is owned by Sun; krittika, uttar ashada, uttara Phalguni are the 3 constellations governed by Sun.No planets hence Sun is the significator.

7th house is occupied by Ketu; Aswini, Magha, Moola are the 3 constellations occupied by Ketu.No planets hence Ketu is the significator.

11th house is vacant and is owned by Venus; Bharani, poorva phalguni, Poorvasashada are the 3 constellations owned by Venus.No planets hence Venus is the significator.

Ketu, Sun and Venus are the significators.

Venus dasa- Venus bhukthi and ketu Antara; hence marriage might happen on

12-10-2012 to 22-12-2012

but there is Saturn and Moon Punarphoo according to KP;

Whenever Saturn has got any connection what-so-ever with Moon, there will be some obstacle or impediment, not only during negotiation but also at the time of fixation and even at the time of marriage.
If Saturn is deposited in the constellation of Moon and sub of Saturn or if Moon is deposited in Saturn’ star and Moon sub, if Saturn is deposited in the houses 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 then, difficulties like change the bridegroom, postpone the date or upset the whole programme may arise.

Respected seniors am i right here?

Can I, as a human being, lead a different kind of life?

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Am I Correct
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Am I Correct
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did such obstacle happen in that person\'s life so far?
If not, then check current dasa and try to predict when it can happen and how long will saturn stop marriage


Am I Correct
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Ok sir would do that;actually he\'s seeing lots of matches but nothing\'s happening last week one match almost got through and the engagement was suppose to happen this month 27th and looks like its off so i rechecked with Kp\'s books as am still a novice or a beginner in astrology i came across punarphoo,but the problem is he isn\'t running either moon or saturn dasha.The current dasha and bhukti is Venus- Venus- Jupiter antara from 04-05-2011 till 13-10-2011.So marriage may happen in this period is my thought as Venus is a significator,but if he misses this then Ven-Ven-Sat would commence from 13-10-2011 till 23-04-2012 which i think is where the above said negative things may happen.After this Ven-Ven-Mer would start from 23-04-2012 till 12-10-2012 and after that the the strong significator ketu of 7th house period would start as mentioned in the above post. Venus dasa- Venus bhukthi and ketu Antara; hence marriage might happen on
12-10-2012 to 22-12-2012

So am i getting it right sir?


Am I Correct
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Thanks aastha a lot for guiding me

\"I tried analysing the chart you posted.

Venus-Venus-Ketu seems to be correct but regarding Saturn\'s delaying thing, all those planets who are in the star of Saturn shall cause delay ,i.e, Moon , Mars, Rahu periods ain\'t supportive, and these will cause the same troubles as mentioned for \"punarphoo\".

Also Ketu is in the star of retrograde planet, always delaying results.
Jupiter period too seems to be helpless in this regard as Jupiter will give the results of houses associated to Moon and itself, nowhere indicative of marriage. So during Saturn\'s period hopefully development should be seen towards the ending of that period.

Now sarp dosh can be seen as Ketu is in the seventh house, so a difficult family life maybe there.
So lets see if marriage fructifies in Ketu period. \"


Am I Correct
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Hi aastha,
if you can post your analysis in thread, that would help many others
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


Am I Correct
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Being very new, I may go totally wrong. Would appreciate insight into this from seniors.

Firstly, I checked if marriage is on the cards or not ?
7th CSL is in the star of 7th lord, signifying houses 2,7 and 8 . 2nd is a supporting house to 7th and since 8th house is 2nd to 7th, it should denote family to the partner, that would mean a marriage.

Secondly, I checked if Venus dasa supports marriage or not ?
Now Venus is in its own sub and is a significator to 2nd and 11th house, though it is in the star of retrograde planet (may cause delay).

Now, the cause of delay:
7th lord is retrograde Saturn, star lord of 7th CSL. Majority planets who are indicative of marriage, are in star of slowest moving planet Saturn, posited in a common sign, meaning obstacle would really be very unobvious.

Now planets in the star of Saturn, would cause delay. Moon, Mars, Rahu pratyantardasa should see bleak chances though proposal may come up. Jupiter pratyantardasa too seems unhelpful in matrimonial matters. During ending of Venus-Venus-Saturn, some impediments should be cleared. Mercury is placed in 7th, so this should probably be helpful as along with Venus, it can fructify marriage (Feb 2012 ?). I was wrong about Ketu in the above post, as I see Ketu is not really supportive for marriage, significator to 6th. So if immediately after marriage, period of 6th significator comes up, that would mean some problem in that alliance as \"Punarphoo\" also tells us that there maybe several impediments in materialisation of marriage.

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Am I Correct
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Am I Correct
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So do you mean to say that the marriage would take place in Ve-Ve-Sa period which starts from 13-10-2011 to 23-04-2011 as Sat and Ve are both significators for 2nd house (also 7th cusp sign lord is Saturn) but what makes you say in Feb?


Am I Correct
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Thanks Aastha, lets see whether that fructifies in april as Ve-Ve-Me starts from April 2012 but as of the talks are on and they are tentatively decided on October.

From Aastha

\"7th CSL is Rahu, whose star lord is Saturn. Anyways, it’s not the question of 7th CSL but which factors are responsible for delay. All those planets who are in the star of Saturn should cause delay, now Saturn itself is in the star of Moon, so that should clear delays by the end of that dasha, and hopefully marriage should result in Venus-Venus-Mercury (23-04-2012 -12-10-2012.)\"


Am I Correct
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He's getting married on November 5th :)

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