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Am I virgo or leo rising?
« on: October 30, 2011, 04:29:40 AM »
Dear respected astrologers,

I'm asking for you to kindly analyse my lagna chart which I'm rather confused with my lagna chart, I've consulted various astrologers on different message boards and atleast 7 have said virgo rising (very respectable ones too) and only one has stated leo rising. And now I'm rather confused which I my lagna.

So I want to know If my lagna is virgo or leo?

I will tell a few important details/events in my life so you can kindly correlate to my lagna chart.

1) I've had a speech impediment for most of my life, which just got healed at the end of august 2011 (ruler of second, conjuct debilitated mars) and august 2011 is when venus dasa ended and my communication problems gone. For leo lagna (strong mercury, would be conjuct favourable jupiter!). I've got a big, supportive family too and my father has always helped me.

2) My mother died when I was young, this makes sense for leo lagna, since ruler of the 4th is debiltated and in the 12th house, but for virgo lagna, saturn controls the 4th and debilitated moon is in the 8th house.

3) I've been VERY LUCKY in life, in education matters, support from females, etc. especially in education, I've always had the chance to get ahead somehow almost always. Its like a a cricket team always picking you even if you may not be a good player! I got offers from the top UK universities and am now studying economics at a top UK business school. This holds true for virgo lagna, lagna ruler conjuct the jupiter in the favourable ninth, and I'm also intellegent, in business, mathematics. My career will involve banking/stockbrocking/writing/business and teaching (I will change do each other simultaneously).
I don't have much male freinds, but I've almost always had a lot of female friends, from all backgrounds. Women have helped me much in education, getting ahead and in life in general. I've always found luck with females somehow.

4) Jupiter in the ninth is good for father.

5) I'm definitly going to have a love marriage (which my father and family have given me permission) and hoping to get married in my late 20s.

6) I'm a very spiritual person.

Birth details:
Date: 28/06/1989
Time: 11.28am
Place: Birmingham, England

I would very much appreciate any astrologer telling me my accurate lagna,


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Am I virgo or leo rising?
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Am I virgo or leo rising?
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by birth time its still 24th degree Leo rising.
virgo is still far away

read this once to compare what happened during your venus dasa 1991-2011

i feel you are Leo rising because your long time speech problem has been solved only in sun dasa, which is your best in this life.
you'll get married before it ends in 2017 jan

if you want to apply k.p and know more accurately, cross check with horscopes of your parents and girlfriend


Am I virgo or leo rising?
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2011, 03:29:21 PM »
Thank you Varenya for your analysis.

With leo as lagna, I have 2nd lord conjuct jupiter? The reason Why I believed my lagna my virgo was when my speech impediment healed straight after venus dasa ended, since its conjuct debilitated mars and mars is malefic for virgo asc and venus is also not the best for virgo lagna (in its fall sign).

I'm very highly educated, and I feel this could only hold true for lagna lord conjuct jupiter in ninth (I've also got other intellectual talenets as stated). I'm young looking and I'm athletic in appearence, although I'm only 5.9 in height, as leo lagna, my sun opposes saturn! Which may possibly restrict looks, health, etc.

Can you please tell me bit more when you say my sun dasa will be the best in this life? My moon for leo lagna is positied in favourable 9th house. I always felt I was improving and getting better, which has been the case in my life so far.

Could you possibly say my birth time was wrong based on the details I've provided, I'm just trying to find out my correct lagna.

Thank you for your time and analysis,


Am I virgo or leo rising?
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How much would a paid consultation be(in the near future)?

By the way, I consultated respected guru Virinchi a long time ago for career/relationship advice on his old forum (light warriors), which I needed some career advice and was going to do engineering/finance and he advised me to go into the business/finance/economics field(which is my strengths). As stated, I did not have much male friends and stated 11th lord in the 8th debilitated is not helping and jupiter for virgo is not good since its badhaka and I should wear gold saphhire. I hope he can remember this if he reads this and clarify this issue. This was about 4-5 years ago.
This is another astrologer who predicted I was virgo lagna: (I can give you a link to my analysis if you want)

I believe you respected Varenya, since I've followed your analysis on cricket and where other members have requested a chart analysis and you are very accurate, but other astrologers have stated virgo(not sure why?). Like I said, I'm only trying to find out my true lagna. It could be leo, as yourself and 1-2 astrologers predicted.


Am I virgo or leo rising?
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traditional astrology cannot answer your question accurately.
K.P can answer, because sublords change more frequently (every 2-5 mins)

so your cusp sublords can be compared with significators and ruling planets of your parents and girlfriend, so that your exact time and lagna are concluded


Am I virgo or leo rising?
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According to traditional astrology I am24 degree's leo as 11.28 birthtime in Birmingham, England.

The reason why I put up this question is certain respectful astrologers made predictions using virgo lagna! It is only when one astrologer made my predictions using leo lagna that I was left rather consfused.

My speech impediment healed during sun dasa, which is the best planet for leo lagna. But 2nd lord is conjuct jupiter? Which is a good planet for leo lagna. However, saturn does aspect the 2nd house.
For virgo lagna, 2nd lord is conjuct debilitated mars, which is a extreme malefic planet for virgo lagna.
In England, hospitals do not record birth times and my father says my birth time was 11.28am and I was defintintly born between 11-12am.


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Am I virgo or leo rising?
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Am I virgo or leo rising?
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you're still talking about what traditional astrologers said.
If you work in K.P, you'll derive exact birthtime and also your nature, exact timings of events etc.

for this you need to compare what jaytee said above

the only BIG difference between K.P and traditional astrology is that, if you contact 10 traditional astrologers, they might come up with 10 different conclusions.
But if you contact 10 proper K.P astrologers, all will derive same answer


Am I virgo or leo rising?
« Reply #7 on: November 02, 2011, 12:15:10 AM »
Thank you Jaytee and Varenya for explaining the difference between the two branches and clarifying the two methods up to derive my true lagna.


Am I virgo or leo rising?
« Reply #8 on: November 02, 2011, 11:52:52 AM »
i dont remember what we talked in older forum(it doesnt exist now anyway)
but if you want accurate answer, you need to apply K.P as suggested by jaytee n co
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !

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