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Business ?
« on: May 06, 2010, 07:06:29 PM »
I have been debating on this for sometime. As I am always having some kind of  rift with my superiors..

Astrologer mentioned that my stars are not good for doing business ? Is this correct ?

DOB: dec/22/1972 21:45
POB: Chennai, India

I see my 7th lord Sa in 10th , which gives me a hint that I can do business without any partnership and good amount of hard work. But not sure what field will be promising ?

Any insights !


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Business ?
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Business ?
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for simha lagna, sukra dasa is not favourable for any adventure.
you can do business in sun dasa in later part of life.
also you have strong venus which is not good for business in this dasa
you will not gain what you deserve and end up losing money and name.
especially sukra-sani antaradasa is most dangerous and depressing.
since your sukra dasa has just started, initially it will be depressing but things will be positive in kuja, rahu and guru antardasas and again in budha antardasa.

you need to stay away fro partners, women too
as a woman may cause (it need not be physical relation but a close association) disturbance in family and will bring insults in future


Business ?
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OMkaar , Thank you very much for your insight .

However a doubt on what you explained.. If sukra is strong , then how could the sukra dasa becomes unfavourable ?

Also is it the Saturn which will help me in business ? If so, the business cab be related to electronics, software, hardware or realestate ? Could you please elaborate on this aspect.


Business ?
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venus is not a benefic for your horoscope
so if malefics are well placed they create obstacles and problems
for you, mercury and sun will help business but this venus dasa is not right time.
every human will have aspirations and always want to hear +ve about his dreams but many times, truth is bitter

you can do succesful business only in sun dasa and that too with great difficulty.
also for people with saturn in 10th, only job is favourable(unless its makara lagna and saturn is exalted in 10th)
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire


Business ?
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I am sure that it was -ve , just trying to see if I can breakaway from this monotonous life pattern.Thanks for clarifying.

Looks like at end of ve dasha, I will be planning to retire and not work anymore.

One question though on this, Is ve functinal malefic or malefic because of conjunct with ma  in my chart ?


Business ?
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do you understand different malefics and their results?

for your lagna, only sun, mars and jupiter dasas will be favourable
you may chose to retire in sun dasa but will again be forced to work in moon dasa if you dont have enough money in bank.
again in mars dasa you will work but not for just money.
rahu dasa will be retirement

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Business ?
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