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career - please help
« on: March 07, 2016, 04:25:14 PM »
Learned members,

He is my uncle's son, not yet settled either in business or job, his father is much worrying about him.
kindly share your views.
Dob: 24-8-1984 - 13.35hrs or 1.35p.m - Bellampalli (adilabad dist) - now Telangana state former Andhra Pradesh.
Male - Pushyami 1st

looking for your kind views,


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career - please help
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career - please help
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No settlement into anything.
Somewhat better period can come between 2020-27, again its the same story.
If you want different answer or some remedy, you know this is not right place to ask


career - please help
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Thank you,  can he expect  marriage chances in his life, even in his better period between 2020-2027...


career - please help
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Dear Varenya,

some feed back, the person for whom i asked prediction, is still free... :)
Luckily he is helping by (money) his of worry life him :)
Thanks for well prediction.

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