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Case Filed against my father
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Hello seniors, I want you people's helpful advice for my father. My father's brothers and sisters(my uncles and buas) have filed a case against my father aftermath of ancestral property disputes. My father worked in copper mines as a manager in Zambia(from 1981 to 1993). At that time my uncles(both in their jobs) were living with my grandparents. They never took good care of my grandparents and even ill treated them. My father used to send amount to my grandparents. In 1993 when my grandmother met with an accident, as there was no one to take care of her except my grandfather. So my father decided to resign and come back to India. My father took care of my grandfather's business(rice and wheat business) and my parents, what best they could do, did for my grandparents. And one thing is that when someones parents are on deathbed, one should not ask for preparing will. In 1996 and 1997 my grandparents expired without preparing any will. At that time my father asked his brothers and sister, what house share and shop's share is there, you people take it. But they refused to say anything. They thought my father is hiding a fortune under his belt and he is having more and offering them less

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Case Filed against my father
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Case Filed against my father
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. But the fact was whatever my father earned in zambia, he invested everything in the business and my grandfather's share was very less. Endless arguments and disputes have happened. But all in vain. Meanwhile my two aunts(buas) expired and now their children are asking for money. Such a shame. This is the so called greed for money. 16 years have passed and now my father's elder brothers have filed a case against my father. They are asking for house's share and business profit with interest during these 16-17 years. Whomsoever my father helped whether my uncles or aunts, now they are standing against my father. Even my father's brother-in-laws have become greedy for money. Such an irony and such a shame. 11 people on one side and 1 person on one side. Their lawyer sent notice to my father. my father has also hired a lawyer. He is little bit tense now a days. I am worried about him and mother. So could you please tell what turn the law case will take ? Will it be in his favour or the case will linger on ? Any settlement will be there ?
My father's details are as follows:-
Sunil Kumar Nayyar(or some times he writes his name as Sunil Nayyar)
D.o.b. - 6th Feb, 1956
Place - Kurukshetra, Haryana, India
Time - 5:55 AM



Case Filed against my father
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the case will linger on for few years (i'm seeing 6-7 yrs of some sort of nuisance bothering him from) and he has chance to lose it also.
better go for a outside-court compromise
don't ask for remedies as they wont work in this time period
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Case Filed against my father
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@Seetaram sir...oh !! thats not a positive sign for my father..:(...sir, thanks for taking out your precious time....

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