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Change of Job
« on: November 19, 2011, 11:05:09 PM »
Dear All

Thanks you for providing me an opportunity for to be part of this great group.
I am working in UAE, and looking for a change of job say for the last one year to improve my financial conditions, here & back home. What ever I tried, I am not able to succeed in that. Whether it a driving test here in UAE or a change of job..?
Can you pls guide me when I will able to get a good job  here to breath in financially and get of debts here.

DOB : 12 June 1974
Time : 19:34
Place : Chennai

Thank you in advance



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Change of Job
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Change of Job
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you cant change job atleast for 1 year from now.
however you will remain in UAE and continue in same job till 2012 november and then you can expect slow change.
mercury dasa till 2023 august shows hurdles but you will slowly overcome them

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