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Child Birth !!
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Dear Seniors & Friends,

I want to seek an urgent advice from you people regarding my cousin. She got married in 2005 and has not been blessed with a child yet. Kindly put some light when she can bear the baby(or conceive). She conceived once but had miscarriage.

Her details are as follows :-

Geeta Chandan
5th July, 1976
7:27 am
Hubli, Karnataka.

Her husband's details :-
Chandan Shivaramu
29th July, 1975
Kollegal, Karnataka

She is planning to go for IVF in June. When she should go ? Kindly advise.

Thanks & Regards,
Suraj Nayyar

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Child Birth !!
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Child Birth !!
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Her horoscope does not indicate kids at any age.
I do not think IVF will be of any use.
Too late to even think of remedies (they will not work anyway) as Saturn dasa is approaching in this december
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Child Birth !!
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Thanks Seetaram ji for taking out time and seeing the horoscope !! :)

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