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Hello Friends,

 I wnated to ask a question on behalf of my best friend who is very very dear to me
1972 oct 19th 11:30 AM This is my girl friends details and this is her husband\'s details 11:15 am may 31st   1973

Problem is they are very happily married couple, love and arranged marriage.  all fine just they are not able to have children thus far.

My friend is very confused she is not sure if she should adopt a child or try for 4th time IVF process ( which is very pain full)

she is afarid to adopt as mother-in-law has different views with this regard and husband is very close to mother-in-law in and husband does not want to hurt his mother in any way with this regard etc... such small problems confusion is growing bigger..... and my friend she is not able to decide with this odds if she can adopt. she feels they might have a kid sooner or later may be.....
Can any one help please...


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she can go for adoption
her Dasas dont favour child birth in natural way and artificial methods can be risky for her age

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