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Chronic Alcoholic Habit
« on: January 31, 2017, 06:04:19 AM »
Name Fateh Singh
DOB : 27 Feb 1984
Time 2:10 PM
Place Sadulpur Rajasthan

I am Gemini ascendent. In my chart, Venus is in eight house, Saturn is in 5th house and rahi in 12 th house. As soon as my rahu Dasha started I got a job in MNC and started my career. I got many promotion s and salary hike but drinking also got increased. I lived abroad during jupitar antardasha. But this period was very lonely for me and I even started thinking for sucide. Mental suffering were too much just because of alcohol and no real reason. I had to come back. I started again in 2014 after a break. I got good job and lost it again to alcoholism. The problem is when I stay at home with parents I don't feel to drink even for months. But once I take a few drinks, I can not control the amount. My moon seems to be weak also, as it is very late in degree. Last year November, I am wearing a silver item around my neck. I am feeling a difference since then. Even when I drink , I don't feel the obsession I used to feel.  Will the second half of rahu going to be different?

I read MR Sitaram's post and found the similarity with his post. As both Saturn and Venus are aspecting second house and I am running through Rahu Mahdasha.

Please save me , I don' want to die. Just for your information I have lost few teeths...



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Chronic Alcoholic Habit
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Chronic Alcoholic Habit
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It would be a miracle if you survive through rahu-ketu and rahu-venus antardasas (apr 2018 - apr 2022).
It is better not to marry. You need to join a rehabilitation center first, rather than looking for other remedies.
Try to stay with parents (especially mother), wear an Amethyst (4 carat) in silver on left hand middle finger on saturday morning, which can help in controlling alchoholism, drugs and smoke.
Join a rehabilitation center and socialize (not with alchoholic people, nor online.. but meet real people who lead better lifestyle)

You may not be able to reply here (due to post restrictions), but first do these and comeback after some +ve change

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