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Education help
« on: April 30, 2014, 07:31:27 AM »
Need some help in education .. I am doing Computer Science, I sometimes struggle with this field. Can someone predict if I chose this rightly? Or will I have to change it. And is there success in this?

Sorry, but I feel discomfort when I post my birthdate ,  and etc..  so I hope this is enough for you guys.


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Education help
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Education help
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These 2 charts are not enough if you want accurate prediction.
Use the method i prescribed here to get a better chart with more details like dasa, nakshatras, subs etc.
If you want to hide birth details, you can get JPG from there and then erase/strike off the birth details on top using some paint brush and then post it
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Education help
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Do you need more charts than this? THanks for the help.


Education help
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Hi Msdhoni Fan,
I am very much like a student of Vrinchi Sir, So he can give you a better explanation but here goes my little study on your chart. :)

You are Scorpion Ascendant and Running through Rahu Mahdasha and Rahu Antardasha. Mars and Moon Conjunction gives you great Will power but very aggressive and short temper by your nature ( Don't Hit me please If I am wrong ;)
Since you have Saturn in 3rd Bhava. With the presence of a third house Saturn, a person’s education is usually interrupted, Very distinct relationship with your Siblings. ( Till age of 32 At least)
Since Saturn is retrograde in your birth chart and in Capricorn. So Saturn is in Upachya Houses( It grows with time) and in Capricorn , It shows you will grow gradually .
Saturn also aspects the 10th Bhava of career Its also showing slow but study progress. Since you are running through Rahu Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha and In Navamasa Chart your Rahu is in 8th House. You may face sudden up's and down's with family matter's.

Since I am just a newbie . Vrinchi Ji correct me If I am wrong. MS Dhoni Dont Take Otherwise . I am Just a Newbie and a new learner.
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Education help
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You are acutally right about the temper part. Also, does it say anything of graduating this year in my horroscope? because I am nearly done.

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