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Dear respected astrologers,

I've decided to drop out of university and pursue a career in Civil Engineering. I will start my bachelors aged 25 and graduate at 28. At this age I will then start my masters in highway engineering and graduate aged 29. I will build some contacts to try to get a job straighaway age 29. My father will help me with money.

I have favourable sub-periods of saturn in November 2013-November 2014, I have jupiter on my venus in May 2014 and favourable sub period of venus in January 2016-January 2017.

I\'m confident I will meet someone or get married before 28 during my venus sub-period after Jan 2016.

DOB: 28/06/1989, Time: 11.28am, Place: Birmingham, England

I\'d like to know the astrologers view on this regarding all the information given?

Comments very much appreciated,



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Dear senior astrologers,

Can you kindly look into my horoscope and give me a marriage prediction please? I would appreciate your time and analysis very much.

Star Dust

you graduation is not a problem in sun dasa
but sun is on rahu\'s constellation which is in 6th cusp (k.p bhava chakra)
so it doesnt support marriage and family formation.
only supporting factor is mars in 11th H, and it helps you find someone soon but its hard to materialize in this dasa.
though venus is on star and sub of saturn, its retro.
so can\'t expect results without delays

also i feel, your prime dasa of sun ends in 2017 and you should be settled in a career before that time.
if you start in the end of that dasa, it\'ll be hard to develop your career
see..general predictions for leo asc
In a day..when u dont come across any problems... you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA


Thank you for your analysis star dust. I fully appreciate this.

I can still graduate in May 2017 with a bachelors and gain interships which will help find me a job.

Why do you feel I\'ll find it hard to develop career if I start age 29 if I graduate with masters(moon dasa)? In K.P bhava chakra, cancer is 11th house cusp lord with mars and venus in their. I have favourable planets surrounding 11th-9th house.

Do you believe I can find someone or have a long term relationship with somone in this dasa during saturn/venus sub period?

Could you elobrate on the supporting factor of mars in 11th H please in finding somone soon?

I thank you for taking the time to looking into my questions and analysis appreciated.



Meant to edit post, do you feel I will find someone in my sub-periods/antardasha to marry after?


Dear respected astrologers,

Rahu antardasha has been very severe for me, I lost job, I cannot rely on my father for money no longer and there are severe money issues with myself and my family, hence I had to drop out of uni. Just a very negative period for me for studying, money, home life.

The question is, will my jupiter antardasha in February be positive? Will I get a full time job to maintain myself atleast in this period? Money issues are at the forefront at the moment. Ketu will conjuct moon too in the 9th when it moves sign.

DOB: 28/06/1989
Time: 11.28am
Place: Birmingham, England

Is there are remedies I can do? (I\'m a hindu)

Comments appreciated,


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