Author Topic: Job loss and chances in business  (Read 3414 times)


Job loss and chances in business
« on: June 01, 2015, 12:36:47 AM »
Dear Seniors,
I would like to discuss about job status of a cousin brother who was asked to resign due to bad politics at his company last year in August or September. Since then he has not been able to find a job and a few opportunities are stuck and he is not getting the call.
He doesnt seem too keen for higher studies and wanted to do some business. He started a venture in mushroom cultivation but that didnt go much far. I would like to know if he will get any job soon or will he be successful in any business ? In case of business, he seems to be somewhat interested in food business may be restaurant etc  - will that suit him well or some other business will be god for him.
His details are as below.

Name : Rohit Mohapatra
Sakhigopal, Puri, Odisha
Time 09:55 AM


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Job loss and chances in business
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Job loss and chances in business
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He should do better from august 2015 and much better from end of this year.
However, struggle will continue for atleast 2 more years.
After that, he will do good in business/job between late 2017 to 2023 to reach a good position.
Beyond that, it will be normal.
Ask him to feed sugar mixed with rice flour to ants every morning


Job loss and chances in business
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Hi Jaytee thanks for the advice. You have been the savior again. May i request to know if there is any indication for a job or business? and in which field or industry. Would you recommend putting efforts in Food/Restaurant Industry, or should try in some other industry.

thanks again for your advice

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