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shreshta shetty

job and peace
« on: November 07, 2016, 05:30:52 PM »
Dear Sir/madam,

I usually follow your horoscopes everyday.
My Date of Birth is 16th january 1984.Birth time is 7.30 a.m.

Iam not getting  job anywhere.iam currently resided in husband is working.we do always fight.Iam frustrated in my life.sometimes i really feel my life is waste.full of humiliation and there any hope in my life?

can i live my life happily peacefully and can i get the job again in my life and can i save money for my daughter?

Thanks & Regards,
Shreshta Shetty


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job and peace
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job and peace
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place of birth ?
if possible, post marriage date, time and place too

shreshta shetty

job and peace
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Marriage date is 17 th january 2011 and time from morning 10.30 a.m to 12 .Place is udupi,Karnataka state.

My birth place is Davangere.

Waiting for your reply.


job and peace
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Dear Madam,

Can you please tell me when will get my next job? will it be good one?
 DOB: 16 jan 1984.
Birth Time: 7.30 a.m.
Place :Davangere(Karnataka State)

Your life will attain success and peace only after 6 more years (2022 october)
Period between apr 2017 - jan 2018 will be the toughest you ever faced.
From end of 2022, most things will turn in your favor.

You also have sleeplessness and sometimes disturbing dreams are possible.
If you believe in this, then try it : when you visit India next time, and if your place is closer to mangalore, go to mangala devi temple, offer a yellow color saree and get kumkum from there.
Repeat this during all your visits to India over next 6 yrs

shreshta shetty

job and peace
« Reply #4 on: November 15, 2016, 07:06:25 PM »
Dear Madam,

I am trying very hard for the job.I want to work as long standing career.when would I will be getting job and how long i will be working?will it be successful? i feel depressed when my juniors are in good position.i was very good in my work.

I had a very nice career till 2012.after that i had to take break due to again it possible i will be successfull?

In the reply above its mentioned,2017 april to 2018 jan will be toughest...what are the issues i will be facing? any tips u can give me to clear the hurdles?
any tips you can give me to be succesfull?

My husband skandan  jayaram shetty.born on 10th april 1982.tula rashi,swati nakshatra.currently he has sade saat going on for him.we had lot of bad luck.we took a loan for a very small site.we could not register only.can u tell me when we can register? his career is going on hard phase? when he can good phase?

Shreshta Shetty

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