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Dear All,

I want to know Is it benefic or malefic if saturn and jupiter along with moon are placed in same house  
My date of birth is 07/07/198 ,(11:16 a.m) Saturn ,Jupiter & moon are in first house and sun ,mercury in tenth house
Moon sign-virgo , ascendant-virgo


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pls post DOB again
198 ??


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sorry ,
its1981 ,Lattitude & Longitude 26° 55\' N, 75° 52\' E.


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you are born in kanya lagna and jupiter is bigger malefic than saturn which is partial malefic
you are going through 7.5 years of saturn period.
since both moon sign and ascendant are same - virgo you\'ll face more intensity of saturn.
But right now jupiter in 7th house with 7 pts in ashtakavarga is beneficial.

Saturn is also okay now but it was bad between 2007-2009 and later will be bad in between 2012-14

you will be lacking B-vitamin in body and will gain weight easily
need to take care of these
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I think Saturn was never bad for me ,its other planets which are affecting my life b\'coz 2007-09 was very good period for me.
I want to know the affect of Jupiter Transits as it was placed in enemy sign


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check nakshatras and subdivisions of planets(placements), not just signs

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rahu/ketu are transit 4/10 axis squaring saturn-jupiter and natal moon on the 1/7 axis and hence multiple planets are currently under central stress in the chart, while the natal sun in mithuna in the 10th is imapacted by ketu affecting career prospects probably as well as general health and self-confidence perhaps.sun is lord of the 12th house too. jupiter is considered badhaka for the kanya lagna and has come to the 7th house implying some stress there too. rahu/ketu are not comfortable in dhanu/mithun i understand.

hope the observation helps reflect further,

wishing well,


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kalahasthi charanau sharanam aham prapadhye,
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om trayambakam yajamahe sugandhim pusthivardhanam
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adityaya somaya mangalaya budhaya saha
gurusukra shanebhyoshcha rahuve ketuve namo namaha!!!

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