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Need some guidance
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Congrats for getting admission in a Dental College!

Hope there\'s no looking back for you henceforth. Put in your best efforts in whatever you do, the results will be taken care by God. All the Best!!


You\'ve proved once again that you are at your usual best! Keep guiding more and more people, mate!!
Thanks & Regards,

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Need some guidance
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Need some guidance
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are you continuing in dentistry since sept 2012 ?
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Need some guidance
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No. I didn't continue with dentistry. I waited for all rounds of counseling to clear till the end of August, almost two months. Then I quit at the last round of counseling in September. I had the option for Pharmacy in Chandigarh and continuing with that, since then. Life was very busy in the last year. I practically stayed in the library all the time after college. I worked hard and topped in my first semester exam but my result didn't get declare officially, even till now, because of some issue. Hoping for things to get better.


Need some guidance
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are you planning to continue in pharmacy or try again for MBBS next year ?
i think you know your dasa and transits


Need some guidance
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I am planning to continue. I have no option.


Need some guidance
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continue.. but in 2014 try for one last time to get into MBBS again.
rahu-merc-jup is helping better than what past dasas did.
there is no loss in writing the exam again next year.. remember, this will decide your career.

usually rahu in mercury's sign (especially in virgo) helps to study MBBS.
sun, mercury and rahu dasas are good periods for medical education.
you are going through rahu dasa but rahu is in mars sign and mercury constellation.
mars deals with calcium, bones, bonemarrow etc in body.. thats why i thought you would go for dentistry atleast.

your 4th and 10th sublord venus is in rahu's star again which is indicating something related to medicines.
from sept 1st till 2014 july JUP will be in its own constellation. SAT will also enter JUP's constellation from nov 2013 and stay for 14 months.
So, ideal period is your rahu-merc-jup which falls between those helpful transits.
if you want more details i can help through email too..
but consider this
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Need some guidance
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Need some guidance
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I wrote the exam this year too but without any preparation. I rather wanted to focus on what I was doing. I scored 94 percentile. That's not good enough. So no hopes this year.

I would need to prepare for the exam if I plan to attempt again.
This will be tough, concentrating at two things at a time. I will still try one last time with all the effort I can put in, though I believe cracking this exam requires a full time dedication.


Need some guidance
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Thats amazing, Aastha, to get 94 percentile w/o prep! Imagine what will happen if you prepare?!

I will pray for you that God gives you enough time and strength to prepare again, if you decide to, and give you the desired result.. all the best with everything :-)


Need some guidance
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its hard for someone who has seen disappointments to believe that luck can suddenly turn.
but since she understands a bit of astrology, i guess she will give her last shot


Need some guidance
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I just thought to update this thread.
There's nothing new in life and I didn't try again. I was too late for the application and the format changed again.

I am doing good in studies but I have become very lazy.
I am just waiting to finish my graduation ( two years more to go ) and then explore the options.

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