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Need some guidance
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I am starting preparation for GRE. I'll be completing my graduation in may 2016. I just want to be sure that this time it is a right decision and I'll be successfully admitted into post graduation course in Canada or USA. I'll be applying for Sept 2016 course. Please guide me. Will this happen ? And is this the right decision ? I don't want another setback this time.

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Need some guidance
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Need some guidance
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Your chart supports higher education in rahu-venus but to travel abroad you do not have strong enough planets, so maybe somewhere in India.
I would say 60% chance in GRE and 75% chance to study masters in India
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Need some guidance
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I have got updates from the universities I applied to. I am getting a very good offer with excellent funding in US. There's another offer from a university in Canada, however they've put some conditions before they can really accept me as grad student. With regards to master's opportunity in India, I scored All-India Rank 12 in the entrance exam and I can take admission in any institute of my choice. So both the options are open to me. I haven't finalised yet, and I am really confused.


Need some guidance
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your state of mind is (as always was) that, you ask for suggestions but take some other decisions.
you should be in India
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Need some guidance
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With this state of mind, you mean I'll probably choose US.

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