Author Topic: Pls Pls Pls answer me. Only ONCE.  (Read 4919 times)


Pls Pls Pls answer me. Only ONCE.
« on: August 12, 2010, 03:50:24 PM »
I bow to u all learned and kind ones.

 I am Going through WORST phase of life from last 10 yrs(yr2000).(equivalent to \"death\")(in terms of emotions,health,work). Totally devastated  life since then.
tell REMEDIES ,POOJA and my ISHT DEV.(I love shiv , durga, n krishna).
dob - 25-09-1980 time - 4:30 AM place- new delhi karol bagh.
can i wear copper(sun)/silver(moon) metal  & white sandal(rahu)    &
yellow/orange colors.
can i daily donate daliya and gur to cow.
can i offer wheat flour and sugar to ants daily.
pls tell my malefic and benific planets.

  I will always remain kritagya to you forever.
Can u also elaborate my BENEFIC AND MALEFIC planets as they are basics so as i can MYSELF also do some EFFORTS to appease my malefic planets.
Also it seems form my experience that my mercury dasa ran from 1983 to 2000 which was till now best part of my life, after that in ketu dasa from 2000-2007 i was devastated, and now in venus dadsa its not very rewarding till now, i have not been able to recover my BALANCE till now.
Also my mind /emotions are restless and in pain- is that due to BAD MOON, shall i wear silver chain and bangle to appease it.  Because u know if MIND is right and strong u can face anything.
Again lots of thanks for your efforts and all good wishes from us weeping and painfull souls that u r showing light to.
regards and thanks,
(thanks is very small in front of your spiritual guidance and blessings)
Om namah shivay, om ganeshay namah.


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Pls Pls Pls answer me. Only ONCE.
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Pls Pls Pls answer me. Only ONCE.
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right now i had a quick look and i can say that you will have some relief after 1 year.
you need to worship lord shiva and parvati on monday mornings.
search for lord shiva worshipping thread in this forum(spiritual traditions section)

wait for some experts to give more guidance here


Pls Pls Pls answer me. Only ONCE.
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2010, 04:50:21 PM »
thanks Nivedita,
 can u have a detailed look and tell my BENEFICS/MELEFICS,and can u hint me why have u suggested me shiv-gauri puja.
Many say Sun,Jupiter,Mars are my benefics,( i m wearing pukhraaj,manik and moonga for the same).
 Then why do they refer me to daan of GUR,WHEAT,JAUN,Chana dal to cow,etc  when they r representatives of SUN,JUPITER, and as far as i know uptill now that u dont have to do daans of Benefics, its harmfull, and lal kitabb also says that.
  Also tell me about my moon & mercury(i m not sure about their role ie. +/-)
I also have SUN-SATURN affliction, am i having \"PITRU DOSH\'.
In such a affliction is sun or saturn being on recieving end.
Eagerly waiting for reply from nivedita as well as other seniors.


Pls Pls Pls answer me. Only ONCE.
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Eagerly waiting for reply and deep look from nivedita as well as other seniors.


Pls Pls Pls answer me. Only ONCE.
« Reply #4 on: August 16, 2010, 05:03:27 PM »
Seniors, please make some your answers.


Pls Pls Pls answer me. Only ONCE.
« Reply #5 on: August 17, 2010, 07:34:18 PM »
elaborate readings are never done on this forum.
infact never expect such readings from anyone online.
better consult someone personally.

This forum is basicaly for discussing and sharing knowledge, not to give free readings
(though admin doesnt like to have this section, we\'re not letting this get deleted because it may help someone really needy)

your horoscope in a nutshell : till end of venus-mars antardasa in 2013, you wont see much greater relief, though there will be some temporary better phases.
overall in life there will be more disappointments than satisfactory moments.

i dont see any remedies working totally for you as karma looks more forceful than yourself.
you better consult someone personally
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire

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Pls Pls Pls answer me. Only ONCE.
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Pls Pls Pls answer me. Only ONCE.
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can i  contact u personally for detailed readings by you.


Pls Pls Pls answer me. Only ONCE.
« Reply #7 on: August 18, 2010, 03:18:20 PM »
seetaram ji,
 Karma can be(and is to be) cut by karma only, I am a Vedantic and not a static person that is here for any free advice and bliss.  I will(and as everyone has to BEAR his known / unknown past karmas) bear my karmas but alongside want to sow the seeds of new karmas in light and guidance of astrology, so as to ease my pain in the run.( I beleive astrology is for that purpose only, and not  just for  reading current status of that person, and I didnt expected anyone here to be that too rude.
   Though i have registered on this site just this month only,but was following everyone for a year or so. Just that i had some faith in u seniors, like virinchy,sasirekha , u and others that i wanted to discuss it with u. not only for any free advices,
u all r demeaning/misunderstanding the purpose of this or any
other request for that matter.
   \"If someone is approaching you, that is not only because u are free, it might also because WE have faith in U ALL\", Sorry, but I am disheartened by the rudeness .

   You yourself are declairing astrology to a STATIC level.
   I believe life is a combination of  past karma wave and present karma wave.   If the AMPLITUDE and strenght of your PRESENT WAVE is high and consistent, u as a sum total of both waves can RISE and SHINE, just u should know when and how long your bad time will run , so as to do WORK according to that.
      As per your saying , U want to say SUFFER but dont STRUGGLE,  but i know that DOOBTE KO TINKE KA SAHARA chahiye hota hai.  
                              From ASTROLOGY i dont want FREE BLISS, but i just want to get some DIRECTION,
   REMEDIES for that matter, to decrease the pain(like a medicine).
                    I was not into astrology, I being a very rational person ONLY beleived in KARMA,   But after my KETU DASA(in 2000), from then i suffered a lot on material , health , emotional sphere, BUT gained hell lot of things IN spiritual sphere, I with GOD\'s GRACE am a true VEDANTIC follower, at that time when there was considerably no pain in my life, i considering myself rational, considered science to be absolute,
BUT now i know that where SCIENCE ENDS SPIRITUALITY BEGINS.  I only consider ASTROLOGY to be a part of spirituality( a spiritual guidance).
  READINGS only say that what will u get till now\'s KARMAS.
 I just want to do MY SWADHARMA (as per teachings of GITA), but to erase any obstructions in them, I am ready to do saadhna, daan whatever is required for long periods and with unshakable will, but i just need a right guidance, atleast i should know my benefics/malefics for that.
   I am a B.Tech in comp sc as well as a semi professional Visual artist(fine art painter), and justin process of  my first exhibition to come at IHC( indian habitat center delhi).
Basically i just require a fair working ground from the cosmos , ie just basics,   No -ves atleast if not any +ves,
I didnt beleived in ASTROLOGY even after 7-8  years of life changing jolts, and a sudden rotation of my life in yr 2000, where it seemed all blessings on my head had vanished. Even then i never gone for astrology as i beleived only in rational karmas. Untill upto 2 years back when my mother went to astrologer and HE in RETROSPECT depicted all my past problems. my jolt in life, my heart pain with approx correct time frame, since that was a proof enough i then looked astrology a pure SPIRITUAL SCIENCE, but knew that only 5% in market are BLESSED ASTROLOGERS irrespective of their status and earnings.  I Consulted few but even those few good ones DIFFER on benefics/malefics which made me confuse about their knowledge.
           I want to fight and  will fight to regain my past glory,good time and a fair playing/working ground for myself,even for a higher,better quality goal in life,  I am true believer and bhakta of lord shiva and will pray regularly to him to burn my previous lives bad karmas and enlighten me further.


Pls Pls Pls answer me. Only ONCE.
« Reply #8 on: August 18, 2010, 06:50:54 PM »
offlate too many senior members started recieving U2U messages about personal readings so we asked admin to allow only members with 25 posts to be able to send U2U.

Also, i think this section is useless for us but may be useful for site promotion or for someone who needs \'real\' help.

If you\'ve already have consulted someone then there\'s no point of posting a thread here with title \'Pls Pls Pls...\'

this was your first post here(though you may say you visited everyday for a year) and may be that title made Seetaram think that you were only after a reading and not interested in contributing.

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