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Regarding Job
« on: May 09, 2012, 12:12:11 AM »
Hello I need some guidance and help in terms of Job. My details are :-

Name : Nishant Rathod
DOB : 08/09/1989
POB : Jamshedpur
TOB: 06:20 AM

I am a Pilot by profession. I have been in aviation since I was 19 yrs Old i.e. I started my training when I was 19.
Its been almost 2yrs since I have finished my training and I have been searching for a Job since then but had no success. I have sacrificed a lot for my profession and work very hard on it.

I know good things are worth waiting but for me its been a long time. I am Optimistic and Positive. I am confident that I will get a good job one day but if you could provide me with a rough estimate as in when things will turn around in my favor that would be a HUGE favor.



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Regarding Job
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Regarding Job
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nishant, if birth time is accurate and you\'re born on 8th sept 1989, then you can expect a big positive change between aug 2012 - april 2013

you\'ll have a successful and satisfying profession for next 20 years


Regarding Job
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Thank you very much for the info Sir. I appreciate it very much.
Now I can look forward to my future with more Optimism.

Thanks again
Nishant :)

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